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The role of parent representatives is to facilitate the involvement of parents in College life and to support and promote the College, its objectives, philosophies and values.

Throughout the school year the representative’s host and facilitate a number of College events, providing parents, friends and collegians the opportunity to meet and socialise in the College environment and contribute to the many activities of interest.

The committee has representatives from every year level:

Angela Edwards – Chairperson, mother of Chloe (Year 9), Maisie (Year 8) and Mac (Year 2)

Andy Muller – Principal, Scotch Oakburn College, father of Ellie (Year 9)

Tammy Gray – mother of Mollie (Year 5), William (Year 8) and Samuel (Year 11)

Nardia Deverell –  mother of Milla (Early Learning)

Claire Allen – mother of Harry (Prep) and Sam (Year 3)

Mel Mcloughlin- mother of Flynn (Prep) and Gweneth (Year 2)

Clare Horsman – mother of Katie (Early Learning), Sarah (Year 1) and Chloe (Year 3)

Emily Sanzaro – mother of Lydia (Prep) and Annabelle (Year 3)

Rebecca Cuthill – mother of Charlie (Year 3) and Amelia (Year 6)

Rebecca Birrell – mother of Gabrielle (Year 4) and Bella (Year 7)

Theresa Apted – mother of Makaela (Year 4) and Mitchell (Year 7)

Amanda Mitchell – mother of Grace (Year 5) and Emily (Year 7)

Jess Downie – mother of Freddie (Year 6) and Henry (Year 9)

Sarah Fischer – mother of Samuel (Year 3) and Ella (Year 6)

Megan Breden – mother of Eloise (Year 4) and Lachlan (Year 8)

Rose Mace – mother of Dominic (Year 9)

Claire Warren – mother of Charlie (Year 10) and Lachie (Year 12)

Kathryn Fox – mother of Eddie (Year 5) and Molly (Year 11)

Simone Penn – mother of Josie (Year 10) and Roy (Year 8)

Alison Napier (boarding parent) – mother of Ned (Year 11) and Henry (Year 12)

Michelle Loane (boarding parent) – Mother of Sophie (Year 12), Hugh (Year 10) and Charlotte (Year 8)

Nicole Willcox – Secretary, Scotch Oakburn College Community & Events Manager

Here are just some of the activities the parent representatives are involved in that feature in the College calendar:

Morning tea – the first day of School (Junior School), Valley Campus Family Day, in conjunction with Education Outdoors, College Fair and Cooking Bee, Year Level Parent Gatherings – in conjunction with student activities, Mothers’ Day Morning Tea,  College Dinner, and Fathers’ Day Breakfast.

The parent representatives help to support other College events and activities throughout the year, as they arise.

Volunteers – we need you

Volunteers are needed for many of the activities that across the College.  If you are in a position to help with any events, we welcome your offer and involvement.  Contact our Community and Events Manager, Nicole Willcox, and register your interest for a particular event.

I hope to see you at many of the activities either as a volunteer or as our guest. To ensure you keep well informed with College activities, we encourage you to connect to the College via Facebook or Instagram, and to regularly read the College online news.

Angela Edwards
Chairperson, Parent Representative Committee

More Information:

Nicole Willcox
Community and Events Manager

T: (03) 6336 3393