Welcome to Scotch Oakburn College, where our Mission is to provide an exceptional, holistic education through the provision of three inter-woven programs: the academic, the pastoral and the co-curricular. The offerings of the school may seem vast and sometimes complex to the outsider, so I warmly invite you to browse our website and follow up with a personal tour of the College. It is a superb school with a welcoming and engaged community of students, staff and families, and I am confident you will soon see how your child will thrive in this stimulating environment.

When I walk about the campus, attend co-curricular events or pop into classes I am constantly struck (and indeed inspired) by the quantity, scale and ambition of the activities on offer and how enthusiastically the students tackle them. The engagement of our students is a testament to the fact that Scotch Oakburn is a place where learning and personal growth is embraced at all levels. Far from being elitist, I see a community that values effort, encourages self-belief and instills a growth mindset into students so that getting involved and ‘having a go’, no matter their abilities or skills, is always richly rewarded. Furthermore, the breadth of our programs provides a myriad of opportunities for students to explore their extensive talents and potential while finding common ground and lasting relationships with others.

I am constantly struck (and indeed inspired) by the quantity, scale and ambition of the activities on offer and how enthusiastically the students tackle them.

 – Andy Müller, Principal


It is important to us that the College’s holistic education develops well-rounded young people who are able to make informed decisions and who are confident to engage positively and productively with the world beyond the College. Scotch Oakburn facilitates the continual development of the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy, alongside other essential life-skills such as communication and collaboration, inquiry and reflection, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and life-long learning.

In recent years, Scotch Oakburn College has been repeatedly recognised for its innovative approach to curriculum, teaching, and facility design. Our stimulating programs are delivered in a wide variety of environments, from state-of-the-art, award-winning learning spaces and performance venues, to our extensive gardens, wetlands, sporting fields and gymnasiums, and out into Tasmania’s beautiful natural environment.

The College’s talented, professional and highly qualified staff are our greatest asset and they continually learn, reflect and modernise to ensure they utilise best practice teaching methods and provide the highest standard of education and care for our students. The rapport that staff build with students, and the subsequent engagement in the life of the College that those relationships promote, are vital in nurturing a sense of belonging and building the ‘safe’ environment in which students can be brave enough to take risks.

As Socrates so wisely said, ‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’. At Scotch Oakburn College we pride ourselves on our exhaustive determination to provide the very best environment for igniting that love of learning in every, single child.

I sincerely invite you to contact the College to organise a tour of our energetic and inspiring learning community and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Andy Müller