18 August, 2023


World Record

Mackenzie Buck (Year 11) recently participated in the 2023 WRPF Australian Championships in Powerlifting. In only her third competition, she achieved first place making her the National Champion in her weight division in the Teen 14-16 section, in the Bench Press Only, with a Personal Best lift.

In doing so she not only achieved the National Record but also broke the existing World Record which had been set previously in 2019 in Poland. She is also the current National Record holder in the Push-Pull section (Bench Press and Dead Lift) for her weight and age division, achieving this at a previous competition this year in June.

A fantastic achievement!

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Congratulations to our Girls Year 7/8 soccer team who played well above their perceived level and showed courage and collaboration, to turn around a 11-0 loss to a tightly contested match against the undefeated Launceston Grammar. The game went into overtime where both teams scored in the first five-minute period to remain locked at 2-2. Launceston Grammar eventually scored a late goal to seal the match and avoid a penalty shootout.

I would like to highlight the efforts of three of the students that stood in to have a go at being goalkeeper as the team didn’t have one on the night. It is an excellent example of challenging yourself in the most important match of the year and putting the team first before your own performance. I would also like to mention the close connections our Senior Girls have with the Year 7/8 girls, that no doubt, assisted their performance. They help Mr Leigh Cordell with coaching the team, umpiring and being excellent mentors to the younger students. It may not have been a premiership victory, but rather a victory on not giving in and putting your best effort forwards despite the odds being stacked against you. Well done on a great season girls!

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sports Mindset

Image by Clark Young,

Never wait for the perfect moment!

Imagine this boy never thinking – “it’s the perfect moment, I can go now”.   He would be stuck on the top of this bike rink forever thinking…

“Shall I go, or should I wait?”
“Is it the right timing yet, or should I wait?”
“It’s not the right moment yet, so I’ll wait.”

And the list could go on and on until he is so bored, or he talks himself out of doing anything – at all! – and loses the nerve and goes home.  Competition over – no result due to boredom, fear or inaction.

Perfection can rob us of the present moment for a chance to take a shot, a pass, make a kick, that could do more for the team than any ‘waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ will ever do.

What if we changed our way of thinking and instead of waiting for ‘a perfect moment’ to take action, we said to ourselves…

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment,
but take the present moment
and make it perfect!”

Have a wonderful sporting week everyone.

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach