22 September, 2023


NHSSA Netball Grand Final

On Saturday 16 September three Scotch Oakburn College teams took to the courts of the Silverdome to play in their grand finals.

Our Junior Firsts took on St Patrick’s College, who were undefeated all season. Unfortunately, our Firsts couldn’t break this streak and were beaten on the day.

The Junior Seconds Navy team played Prospect. Our Navy team finished on top of the ladder two games clear of Prospect, but they weren’t going down without a fight. After four quarters the scores were level, and the game was forced into extra time. Scotch Oakburn settled and won by two points.

The last game of the day was our Year 9/10 Gold team and they were the clear favourites against Launceston Grammar (LCGS) Black, having not lost a game for the season. LCGS came out firing and put the Gold team under pressure early. Emily Atherton and Chaeli Barron worked hard in defence to get intercepts and rebounds to get the ball back down to our shooting end. Scarlett Henderson settled and got her eye in, and Molly Crosby was a good addition to the shooting end for the last half of the game. The centre court attack and defensive pressure on centre passes and when the ball was coming up the court, slowed LCGS and we were able to hang on to win by four points. Emily Atherton was awarded player of the match; her defensive pressure was key in winning the game.

We thank all our coaches, parents for scoring and Year 12 student, Bella Stones, who umpired two games.

Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball

Sports Mindset

One of the areas of concentration this week was how to be grateful for a season of excellent work, training and game wins when we didn’t reach our goal for this season.

This is one of the most profound mindsets that we have to tackle whether in sport or in the workplace or even our life goals in another area.

Just because we didn’t ‘win’ or ‘achieve’ our goals for the season, doesn’t mean we weren’t good enough or even good enough to win next time.  It just means that we have to do something different if we want to achieve our goals in the future.

This can be even more profound for our Year 12 students each year, because there won’t be a next time to represent our College in their choice of sport each year.

This can often leave a profound sense of grief and loss.  Yet, have our students really lost?

I encourage them to think of all the momentum that has been achieved for each of them over the number of years they have been at the college.  How many wins in total, for all their sport; how many trainings and expert advice from all our coaches over that time, no matter what sport was played?

They have had the opportunity to receive so many building blocks to their knowledge of how to play sport and how to play it well.  Enjoy the memories of these moments, and transfer the skills learned whilst playing sports for our college, as you venture into the wider world in whatever sport you take up, whatever club you might play for and into your business/university lives.

Enjoy the memories you shared and you will grow through the grief and loss of leaving your team behind and starting a new adventure as you create your lives post Scotch Oakburn College – and remember, you’ll always be Collegians, and we still have your back.

Rev Grace
Sport Mindset Coach