19 May, 2023


Student Achievement

Lochie Plunkett (Year 9) has been named in the Tasmanian Under 15 Boys football team and will compete in Ballarat in late July. He is one of only five boys included from the north of the state.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


The NHSSA netball roster kicked off on Saturday with close to 50 Senior School students taking to the courts in freezing conditions at Hoblers Bridge.

We had a great start to the season with four teams coming away with a victory and one team’s game ending in a draw.

Coming up this Saturday our two Year 9/10 teams will be facing off. If you want to come and cheer on our College teams, all games are played at 8:00 am or 9:00 am at Hoblers Bridge. Just remember to wear a beanie.

Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball


For the 2023 season, we have nominated two co-captains, both great leaders on and off the field. I asked them to introduce themselves:

Thomas Gleeson: “I have been playing hockey since Year 7 and have loved every second of it. All of my coaches throughout my time have been really supportive and encouraging while giving great advice. It’s been great rising the divisions with a solid group of teammates that have stuck it through to Year 12. Everyone has always stuck to the task at hand and never given up. By far our biggest rivalry has been with Launceston Grammar, with everyone wanting to get the win against them and there being a lot of feeling in our matches. When I finish this season, I will not miss the cold winter nights in which we play, but I will miss the comradery and teamwork that is involved in hockey.

Tyler Petrusa: “I was born in Seattle, Washington, USA and lived the first 11 years of my life there until I moved to Launceston in January 2017. It was during my time in the USA that I first discovered my love for hockey, as my family and I would occasionally watch our local ice hockey team, the Seattle Thunderbirds. In my spare time, I like to bake, cut hair, create instrumental music and volunteer at the Door of Hope as a Youth Leader-in-Training.  I feel absolutely honoured to be a Scotch Oakburn College Boys Hockey Co-Captain alongside Thomas Gleeson and I am eager to work together with our team to go out and play some great hockey. Buckle up, because this season is going to be something special!”

The season has started well for the boys.  The Under 14 team was unlucky to finish their first match with a draw against Launceston City, and they won their second match 6-1. This Saturday they will play Queechy Penguins in a clash of the leaders.

The Under 19 team has had two close games so far: a hard-fought draw against Launceston Grammar for their first match 2-2 and a tough loss 4-3 against Queechy High School. If we had had subs and could have rested tiring players the result may have been different. The boys will aim for their first win this season on Monday against Tamar.

Fabrice Dauchez
Person-in-Charge of Boys Hockey

Girls Football

The season has begun with three convincing wins against our three opponents in the Northern SATIS competition. The squad of nearly 30 women includes Year 7 to Year 12 players. Several of our players this season are very experienced, having developed their football skills in teams from Auskick and beyond. We also have a number of representative players aiming to represent the state in AFLW competitions.

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge of Girls Football


Sports Mindset

There is a story told about Mike Tyson that when he was making his comeback, he was very timid with his sparring partner, having suffered so much over his career, he didn’t want to suffer anymore, so he only tipped and tapped when sparring with his partner.  On about the third go, his sparring partner landed a huge punch to the right of Mike’s face and it was at that moment, that he swelled up inside, his energy, his motivation, his emotion, all exploded inside as he said to himself, “I belong here.  I am meant to be here” and the rest is history.

This week the Boys and Girls Firsts AFL Teams traveled to Burnie and it was hearing this Mike Tyson story that I became inspired to give the students an excerpt from our book, In Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick (page 227).

It inspired them which could have contributed to their wins; each team winning by over 20 points. As you read this and if you play a sport, I ask you to wonder, has there been a moment when you decided you belonged?  We work to ensure all our students feel they belong playing for Scotch Oakburn.  We support them because we believe they belong.  I share the excerpt from the book below:

“I totally belong here!|
I commit to making it a good one.
I control my feelings and the attitude that I bring into this game.
I choose my focus…  I choose my focus.
I choose to focus fully right off the bat, from start to finish.
I decide to make it great.
I decide to embrace the challenge, through the ups and downs.
I decide to draw the positive lessons from each experience.
I am lucky to be here doing what I love to do.
So it’s cool.
Full Focus.
Simple joys.
Nothing else matters.”

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach