1 June, 2023



The first three rounds of NHSSA Saturday Netball have produced some great results. Our Year 9/10 Firsts are tied for first place against the also undefeated Prospect High School team. These two teams won’t meet until Round 5 on Saturday 24 June, this match will certainly be one to watch. Our Year 9/10 Gold and Year 11/12 Gold teams are also on top of their respective ladders with three wins each.

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Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball

Sports Mindset

One of the great baseballers of our time, A-Rod, says that success equals “Fundamentals + Confidence” and often, I get asked the question what is confidence and how do we get it?

In this week’s section In Pursuit of Excellence, Terry Orlick covers this topic very thoroughly:

“Confidence is an essential ingredient in guiding the pursuit of excellence.  Confidence opens doors that an absence of confidence has previously slammed shut.  Performance confidence rises or falls based on the quality of your preparation, the quality of your focus, and the extent to which you believe in your capacity.

Confidence comes from committing yourself to do the preparation or quality work, talking to yourself in positive ways about what you have done and what you can do, drawing lessons from your experiences and acting on them and remaining positive with yourself through the many challenges along the way.  Confidence blossoms when you discover what focus works best for you, respect the power of that focus, and regularly call upon it.

Your confidence requires a specific focus.   Your confidence will grow when your focus is centred on trust or believing in:

  • Your own potential;
  • Your capacity to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals;
  • Your preparation or mental readiness;
  • Your focus;
  • Your choices;
  • The meaningfulness of your mission or pursuit and
  • Those with who you work or play.

We rarely begin performance pursuits with total confidence in our capacity to achieve our goals or execute certain tasks with quality and precision.  We grow confidence by rejoicing in the things that we do well, acknowledging our improvements, learning from our success and failures, absorbing the wisdom of others, and discovering that focus frees us to perform our best.

When you have unwavering belief in your capacity to carry out a mission and absolute focus on your performance, doors are open to the highest levels of excellence.  When distraction or negative thoughts interfere with your confidence your performance wavers – not because you are any less capable, but because you let those doubts interfere with your best focus.  Pure confidence comes from feeling grounded in who you are and knowing in your heart and soul that you are capable of doing what you want to do.   In the absence of pure confidence, you rarely touch your full potential.

The only way to increase your confidence is to strengthen your focus on the right things.  Each element on the wheel of excellence can help you improve the quality of your focus, which in turn strengthens your confidence.  Confidence in your focus is like a master key.  It opens the door to higher levels of excellence and higher levels of excellence opens the door to great confidence.”

If you would like to know the strategies that can help you strengthen your confidence, please refer to the longer version of this article in our Mindset Section of Penquite Sportal.

Grace Reynolds
College Sports Mindset Coach