23 June, 2023


Netball NSATIS Blast from the Past

On Wednesday, our current NSATIS Firsts Netball team took on players from the 2011 and 2013 NSATIS team, along with staff and current Seconds players.

It was a physical and fast-paced game with our Firsts being put through their paces before their roster starts in Term Three. The practice match was a good opportunity for coach Mardi Wilks to “test out some player combinations” before the team takes the court. It was also a wonderful opportunity for our younger players to be mentored on court by our Collegians and staff who have been playing for many years. The team of Collegians, staff and Seconds, walked away victorious.

Thank you to coach, Kim Badcock, who was assisted by the return of previous NSATIS coach Jim Mayne, and thank you to the Collegians Kate Von Stieglitz (’13), Gemma Poke (’13), Anne Guest (’13) and Sarah Guest (’11) for taking the time out their day to come along.

Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball

Secondary All Schools Cross Country

Congratulations to all 87 of our Year 7-12 students that participated in the All Schools Cross Country on Tuesday. We had the largest team in the competition by far, which was a fantastic effort.

The very cold but sunny and still conditions made it ideal running temperatures. There were some outstanding performances with many top 10 results. Our solo podium performance came from Sophie Marshall (Year 10) who put in a super strong performance to finish in third place in the Under 17 Womens event. Other great results were our Under 20 Men finishing with four runners in the top 10, being Cameron Parker (Year 11) 5th, Matthew Russell (Year 12) 6th, Geremie Antypas (Year 12) 7th and Hamish Fyffe (Year 12) 8th. Year 12 students Jasmine Irani and Kate Atherton finished 5th and 7th respectively in the Under 20 Women, Chloe Horsman (Year 8) 6th in the Under 15 Women and Annabel Peddie (year 11) 8th and Ella Nast (Year 11) 9th in the Under 18 Womens event. Our other runners putting in strong performances were Flynn McLoughlin (Year 7), Bella Shaw (Year 9), Tariku Brammall (Year 9), Percy Bennett (Year 11), Ben Berlese (Year 8) and Charlie Stellmaker (Year 10).

The greatest moment of the day, however, came from our Year 7 Boys team. With an injury and illness at the conclusion of the event, rather than celebrating their strong performances and chatting about the race, they waited and took care of each of their team members and followed them to the medical room and helped to attend to their needs while alerting staff members. Showing excellent compassion, collaboration, and effective communication. The same boys then assisted with the packing up of our area, cleaning up of rubbish, and the return of the first aid equipment needed for the day. Well done boys.

I would also like to thank the Year 11s for their assistance with the team at the event and supporting the younger students, as well as the staff that helped on the day Tim Reese, Kim Badcock,  Anna Hasan and Hugh Baird.

All results can be found at here –

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Student Achievements

Three students have been selected to represent Tasmania in Junior Rugby Union teams, competing in the Southern States Championships in Canberra 2023.

Seth Rodriguez (Year 11) will be playing in the Under 18s, and Nate Henrys and Eddie Toohey (both Year 9) will be representing the state in the Under 16s.

The Southern States Tour involves state representative matches against South Australia, ACT, Western Australia and Central West, South Coast Monaro and Southern Inland. It serves as an opportunity for players to compete at a higher level and is the only opportunity to represent Tasmania at 15-a-side rugby union.

Players will travel to Canberra 10 to 15 July and we wish them the very best of luck.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sports Mindset

One of the most difficult times for our sports mindset, is when we take to the court, or get on to the field, etc., when we have been deep in exam study where our mind is focused on other things.  Or, it might be just a case that we haven’t played our sport in the past 12 months since the last season of our College Sport.  In both these instances, and there are plenty more, we just need to regain our focus.

Terry Orlick covers this well in the chapter titled ‘Connections’ and headed ‘Regaining Focus’ on page 199 of his book, In Pursuit of Excellence that we are going through at the moment.

Here are some snippets that might help you as your focus changes and you need to regain it to bring out both yours and your team’s focus back in your sport.

“The difference between best and less-than-best performances lies within your focus.

In poor performances, you allow negative or distracting thoughts (about other performers, your preparation, doubts, others’ expectations, fatigue, a bad warm-up, a mistake, a previous performance, the weather, or final placing) to interfere with a fully connected focus.

In best performances, you are able to stay in the moment, which is the only moment you can influence anyway.  If you find yourself losing your best focus, try one of these strategies…

  • Return to basics; go with the focus that has worked best for you.
  • Focus on following your game plan, race, plan, shot plan or performance plan.
  • Break your challenge into manageable parts – one section, one shift, one rush, one shot , one kick, one pass, one stroke, one step, one piece, one centimeter, one day at a time.
  • Focus only on the step immediately in front of you. Then focus on the next step, and then on the next.”

There are many additional strategies that Terry Orlick gives, and I would encourage you all to view the longer version of this article on our Sportal on The Dash.

Remember, regaining your focus might be all it takes to prepare well and play well for your next match because your next match might be your best one yet.

Try it and see how you go.

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach