4 August, 2023


Student Achievements

Rugby Union

Year 9 students Nate Henrys and Eddie Toohey represented Tasmania in the State Under 16 Rugby Union Championships in Canberra over the term break.


Meg Dennis (Year 9), pictured right,  represented Tasmania in the Under 15 AFLW team at the Australian School Sports Under 15 Championships in Ballarat. The team finished fifth and had a fantastic experience.


Lochie Plunkett (Year 9), pictured with ball,  also represented Tasmania in AFL in Ballarat.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sport Mindset

One of best questions you can ask yourself before a game, an exam or any other feat you are trying to achieve is “Do I believe in myself?”.

Terry Orlick, in his book, ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’, on page 168 to 169 discusses this great question and why we should believe in ourselves.

“Your performance is a result of your visions and expectations for yourself, which you can bring to life through your focus.  If you see yourself as having something of value to offer, as having a contribution to make, as having great potential, then this will be your reality.

If you view yourself as having little or nothing to offer, then this will likewise be reflected in your performance, unless you change your perspective.

Don’t sell yourself short! You have much more to offer than you or most people recognise.  How can I say that?  I don’t even know you, right?”  Well, if you are anything like other members of the human species whom I have encountered, you have all kinds of untapped potential.  And if you are reading this book, you probably have visions of realising some of that potential.

Excellence in any field depends largely on:

  • Knowing where you want to go (having a vision)
  • Wanting to get there (making a commitment),
  • Believing in your ability to arrive at your desired destination (believing in your capacity); and
  • Connecting with the step in front of you (having a fully focused connection)”

As a College we believe in our sporting teams and the potential you bring to your games.

Now the question is – Do you believe in yourself?  If you find that difficult, come and see me or ask our soccer players who performed brilliantly in their games against Marist Regional College this week.  The Rev Up’s they have received all week have been eliminating the energies out of negative beliefs that are not serving them on the sporting ground.

Now they are believing in themselves and living out their beliefs by becoming true sportsmen and women and achieving their best in their games.

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach