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9 04, 2020

An Easter thank you

2020-04-09T10:18:25+10:009 April, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

We arrive at Easter after what has been an extraordinary period in everyone’s lives.

Personally, I am reminded of the stories my parents told me of the Great Depression and World War II, when everyone’s lives were turned upside down and individuals, families, communities and countries the world over had to adjust to a ‘new normal’. Similarly, over the past four weeks, we have had to adjust to our new and confronting way of life and with changing daily directives that vary from state to state, it has definitely been a surreal […]

9 04, 2020

From the Senior School

2020-04-09T09:59:19+10:009 April, 2020|Categories: Senior School|

Virtual Parent Student Teacher Conferences (Year 8-12) Monday 27 April

On Tuesday, parents were emailed a Progress Report for Term One for their son or daughter.  Due to the current restrictions in place, face-to-face parent/student/teacher interviews are no longer possible and the College is offering a choice of:

A Microsoft Teams video conference (these will take place on the scheduled day of Monday 27 April)
An email from the teacher providing thorough feedback on the progress of your son/daughter
A phone call from the teacher

A link has been sent to all parents to allow them to choose an option for each teacher.  After doing […]

9 04, 2020

From the Junior School

2020-04-09T09:51:27+10:009 April, 2020|Categories: Junior School|

End of Term

Thank you to every member of the College community for the amazing support of student learning and family well-being over the latter half of a school term that has yielded challenges like no other in our lifetime. Compassion, creativity, collaboration and many other dispositions and personal attributes that we talk about and seek to develop among our students of all ages have been at the forefront as we strive to ensure the best possible stability of learning, good health and personal wellbeing for students, families and staff at the College along with our wider local community.

As we move […]

8 04, 2020

TCE Chinese

2020-04-09T10:19:02+10:008 April, 2020|Categories: Senior School|

On Wednesday, the TCE Chinese class had summative Term 1 oral tests via Teams.

Each student spoke fluently in Chinese for around 7 minutes; an impressive effort! They all did an exceptional job and it really highlighted for me the way that these students have handled the transition to online learning.

Well done students of TCE Chinese!

Leigh Cordell
Head of LOTE







8 04, 2020

Does your parenting rulebook still apply?

2020-04-09T09:21:04+10:008 April, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

Author: Michael Grose

The current social isolation policy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has confined people to their family cocoons. Life for parents is very different now that we can no longer share the parenting load with relatives, friends and professionals outside the family home.

Parenting success will require you to quickly adapt to new circumstances, by replacing some of your current parenting practices with methods more in tune with close-quarter living. This may seem uncomfortable at first, as you may be going against some current beliefs that are in vogue. In effect, you may have to create a […]

7 04, 2020

Posting materials home

2020-04-09T14:43:20+10:007 April, 2020|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|

On Thursday 9 April the College will be posting home books to students.

Year 7 will receive A Long Walk to Water ready to Term 2
Year 9 will receive Of Mice and Men ready for Term 2

These books are set texts for English classes.  The loan period will be for as long as the English course requires.

Last week we posted out the following:

The Wave for Ms Poynter’s and Ms Lester’s Year 10
To Kill a Mockingbird for Mr Hughes’ Year 10
Various titles for Year 6 literature circles.

If you believe you should have received […]

3 04, 2020

Do you have an Orchid or a Dandelion?

2020-04-03T08:43:47+11:003 April, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

Over the past few weeks, I have been speaking to many parents about the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health. Some have asked why one of their children is far more effected than their others, other parents are concerned that their child doesn’t seem at all concerned about the pandemic.

In my response to them I recall a metaphor developed by Dr Thomas Boyce where he compares children to dandelions and orchids. In it, Dr Boyce estimates about 20 per cent of children are “orchids”. They are the ones who are more sensitive and reactive to environments, […]

3 04, 2020

From the Junior School

2020-04-04T08:51:19+11:003 April, 2020|Categories: Junior School|

Inquiry-based learning – at home!

Transforming the regular school-based inquiry learning environment for Early Childhood and Primary students into a distance learning setting brings a range of challenges for teachers, students and parents alike. These last three weeks have been a time of new learning and adjustment for all of us.  Every day we are asking questions (inquiring!), evolving our strategies, acquiring new knowledge, skills and understandings, and reflecting on our learning.

One of the professional learning resources frequently used by Junior School staff is the work of learning consultant and author Kath Murdoch. Her website has a number of articles on […]

3 04, 2020

From the Middle School

2020-04-03T09:39:13+11:003 April, 2020|Categories: Middle School|

3D Shapes

Year 6 Auton students have been making masks this week as they focus on 3D Shapes.  Isla Lifshen created this amazing mask above using a Cornflakes box. Some amazing creativity being seen.

Fiona Auton


Clay Creativity

Year 6 Goosen have also spent time away from screens being creative.  Claudia Beaumont creation above.

Clyde Goosen


Cooking up a storm

Year 6 Goosen continued their creative flair in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and feeding the family!

Clyde […]