22 April, 2021


On Thursday 20 May the College is hosting a 24-hour Giving Day focused on generating support to fully fund the Community Service Scholarship. These scholarships will be offered to new students entering the College in Year 11 and will be fully funded to cover all costs through to the end of Year 12. All monies raised on the day will support four years of scholarship intakes, supporting up to 12 students including six boarders.

With your help, we can reach our Giving Day goal of $467,600.

For the 24 hour period, your tax deductible gift will be matched by our generous matched donors, thereby multiplying every dollar five times ($10 = $50).

Andy Müller        Selena Palmer
Principal                Foundation Committee Chairperson

We asked Principal, Andy Muller, a few questions about the launch of the scholarship and the Giving Day that will raise the funds for it.

SOC: What is the aim of the new Community Service Scholarship? 

AM: This newly created scholarship will make Scotch Oakburn College accessible for some outstanding young people who would otherwise not have the financial capacity to enrol.

Our plan is to work with community groups to identify these young people and invite them to join the Scotch Oakburn College community and ultimately, complete their TCE.

It is envisaged that our community will benefit through the diversity these young people bring, their willingness to engage in service and be involved in the life of the College.

We believe these scholarships will change lives through education as we ‘Create the Future’.

SOC: How is the Community Service Scholarship connected to SOC2035?

AM: A priority of our recently launched Strategic Vision,  SOC2035, is to increase the College’s contribution to the wider community, through service and giving.

Our goal is to launch the new fully funded scholarship in 2022, enabling four Year 11 students to enrol at Scotch Oakburn to complete Years 11 and 12. The ‘Community Service Scholarship’ is aimed to support those less fortunate and to clearly demonstrate that the College is supportive and inclusive, providing opportunities through the generosity of our existing community.

SOC: What are the details of the new scholarship?


  • The scholarship will enable students to attend Scotch Oakburn College, who otherwise would not be able to, for their TCE years, covering 100% of tuition costs, plus boarding if required.
  • It will be fully funded and include fees, levies, uniforms, devices and incidentals.
  • Two recipients per annum may include boarding which will importantly create opportunities for students in regional communities.
  • The scholarship is open to new students only.
  • Four students will enter Year 11 in 2022, 2023 and 2024, staying with us until the end of Year 12. Therefore, a total of 12 students will complete their TCE across four years.
  • The scholarships will be looking to support those students who have demonstrated significant contributions to their community through service and/or engagement programs.

SOC: How will applicants be ‘assessed’ outside of the financial limitation? How will the College find potential students?

AM: A great and very important question, the College is excited to be working closely with organisations such as the Smith Family and Migrant Resource Centre, and possibly some local High Schools that finish at Year 10.

The scholarships will not be advertised publicly – by working with our partners, we will seek out suitable students who have demonstrated significant contributions to their community through service and/or engagement programs.

SOC: How will the College ensure the wellbeing of the students who join the College?

AM: This is a key focus. The preparation of the scholarship recipients for their transition to Scotch Oakburn and then the on-going pastoral care they will receive is vital and something that we will be starting with the recipients well before they commence at the College. We will ensure we are setting these young people up for success.

SOC: How much does the College want to raise? 

AM: The College’s goal is to raise a total of $467,600 through a Giving Day to fully fund 12 students through their TCE.

$374,080 will be raised via Matched Donors prior to the Giving Day and then on the day, a further $93,520 from our broader community.

SOC: What is a Matched Donor?

AM: A Matched Donor is a donor who has pledged to support our Giving Day prior to the event with a substantial donation. The Matched Donors’ contribution will act as a catalyst to inspire other members of our community to give on the Giving Day.

These pre-determined gifts enable us to implement a multiplier effect on Thursday 20 May, our Giving Day, making ‘Five Times the Difference’.

Every gift then received on or before the Giving Day will be multiplied five times! For example, a gift of $50 will become $250, a gift of $100 will become $500, a gift of $1000 will become $5000!

SOC: So, can you elaborate more on how to give? 


  • Giving is flexible.
  • Gifts can be anonymous or recognised.
  • All gifts are tax deductable through the College’s Deductable Gift Receipt (DGR) status.
  • Donations can be given in their entirety or pledged annually over maximum of 3 years.

Donations can be made prior to the Giving Day by contacting our Community & Events Manager, Nicole Willcox on 6336 3368 or 0403 881 894 or

On Thursday 20 May donations may be made by calling the College or donating online via our Charidy platform


SOC: Can I donate as a business?

AM: Yes, any gifts can be either via an individual or as a corporate gift through the College’s DGR status. If further clarification is sought, we encourage any business to seek financial advice.

SOC: How can the community assist (aside from giving)

AM: If anyone would like to volunteer their time in the Operations Hub on our Giving Day please contact Nicole Willcox on 6336 3368 or 0403 881 894 or More information on volunteering can be found below.

Volunteering on Giving Day

We need your help. We need volunteers who are able to spare two hours to help in the Operations Hub on our Giving Day.

What would I need to do?

  • You will need to be available to assist over a two-hour shift on Thursday 20 May 2021.  If you would like to stay for more than one shift you would be very welcome! The Operations Hub will be open between 9.00am and 9.00pm.
  • You will be making calls to the wider College community –  mainly Collegians (past students), but also some past parents and grandparents. A list would be provided.
  • Around 20 calls would be made over the two-hour shift (10 per hour).
  • You will be provided with a detailed template for each call to guide you through the conversation.
  • We would ask that you are able to arrive 30 minutes before your shift to be briefed and taken through what you need to do.
  • Everyone you call will be aware of the Giving Day as they will have already received information.
  • There will be eight to ten callers in a shift as well as other support staff in our Operations Hub working with and supporting you.

Have questions?

Contact Nicole Willcox on 6336 3368 or 0403 881 894 or

Ready to Help?

Use this link now to submit your interest in joining us in our Operations Hub for Giving Day.