8 03, 2023

What is the ideal class size?

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One question that often arises when speaking to potential families is, “What are the class sizes at Scotch Oakburn?”. The answer is that they vary across the school and within Year Levels because there are a number of factors to be taken into account.

  1. The physical size of the classroom.
  2. Whether the Year Level has a high intake of new students.
  3. The age of the students.
  4. The subject being taught and typical learning activities taking place.
  5. The needs of the students in the class.
  6. Resources available to the teacher and students.
  7. Additional Learning Assistants/adults in the class.
  8. Mandatory staff-to-student ratios.
  9. […]

10 02, 2023


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In the face of unbelievable adversity – there is courage and kindness!

Before the much-anticipated return of the students, all teaching staff spent three days engaging in professional learning (PL).  For the first time, one of those days was for all staff across the College and it was wonderful to have us all together!

On the all-staff day, we were blessed to host Kath Koschel as our Keynote Speaker.

Kath Koschel is the founder of Kindness Factory, a global not-for-profit organisation and movement which inspires ordinary people to do extraordinary things. A former professional cricketer […]

3 02, 2023

Relational Learning

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The Path to Achieving our Mission

A long-running survey of parents of independent school students has consistently found the number one outcome parents want from their school is… the preparation of the students to fulfil their potential in later life. This finding aligns beautifully with our purpose, our Mission, to provide an exceptional holistic education that enables every student to maximise their potential.

Given the College’s purpose is very clear, it is imperative that there is a clearly defined process by which to fulfil that raison d’etre; that is, the how. It is common sense that students who are known and feel […]

1 02, 2023

Confidence misunderstandings

2023-02-13T11:51:06+11:001 February, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

Author: Dr Judith Locke.

Judith Locke is presenting an online webinar to our Senior College parents and carers on 9 February and has provided this article for our community.


Confidence is an essential quality in people as it enables them to face the typical tasks of a day. Without it, people tend to shrink from challenge, and live reduced lives.

Many parents want to actively improve their child’s confidence. They do this in many ways, including praising their child more, giving them lots of affection, and stepping in a little to ensure their child experiences success.

Unsurprisingly, I get a lot of questions […]

1 02, 2023

Help your child cope with tricky feelings

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So, your child comes home from school, upset that they didn’t get on the team. Or missed out on a Principals’ award. Or didn’t get in the camp group with their best friend. There they are standing in front of you crying or visibly upset and it’s breaking your heart. What do you do?

27 01, 2023


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We are excited that the first of two major developments has been approved and will commence in 2023. The Elphin Inquiry and Environmental Centre firmly aligns to the Strands (of our Strategic Vision) of Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity. Nestled beside our beautiful Claremont Garden and connected to our already existing Art Studio, we continue to innovate, developing new learning environments that are designed to inspire minds, create community, and shape future lives.

This new learning space has been designed to foster the essential life skills of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The Inquiry […]

26 01, 2023


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Over the past two years, Scotch Oakburn College has been committed to an important role in the evolution of Australia’s education system. From late 2020, when the College was accepted as one of only 37 founding schools in the University of Melbourne’s New Metrics For Success Program, it has been intimately involved in the development of ground-breaking assessment rubrics, a pilot program and more recently, an extensive validation trial, all of which aim to deal with the challenges of how to best teach, measure, assess and report on complex personal competencies like […]

26 01, 2023


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Yes, curriculum-based learning and the achievement of high academic scores are extremely important aspects of being a successful school. But also important are clear expectations in relation to daily routines and behaviour management, and success in a range of interschool events and competitive activities. In his book ‘The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy and Other Success Skills’, Thomas Hoerr cites widespread writings demonstrating that, while the aforementioned are essential ingredients of a successful school, they are only the foundation.

So much more is needed to reach for a higher success ceiling. Writings cited […]

25 01, 2023


2023-02-06T15:25:06+11:0025 January, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

The College Community Service program seeks to promote and provide opportunities for our students to engage in two of the six Round Square IDEALS – Leadership and Service. The Round Square Spirit of Leadership recognises that successful leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to nurture, guide, develop and help them to improve and succeed.
Spirit of Service celebrates personal development through practical experience that brings sustainable support and benefit to others.

Throughout 2022, more than 40 students in Years 6-12 were encouraged and supported as they volunteered […]

19 12, 2022


2023-02-06T16:02:24+11:0019 December, 2022|Categories: SOC Blog|

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2022, who have completed an outstanding year in all facets of the life of Scotch Oakburn College.

The determination of the Year Level and enthusiasm to be involved in the broader life of the College has been an inspiration to the younger students and something for them to strive to emulate. The cohort’s sense of compassion, respect and responsibility for and to their peers, and their pride when representing the College have been their trademarks throughout their time at Scotch Oakburn. In doing so, they have led […]