3 08, 2023

Brewing Goodness

2024-02-09T12:24:15+11:003 August, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

Volunteering and being part of a community can provide an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and develop meaningful connections. It can also bring a sense of belonging and connectedness.

We are fortunate to have people like Carley and Luke who regularly volunteer at Coffee@Laneway and others who support College events and return to the College to speak with our students about business and experiences.

There are countless opportunities available, donating time or resources or speaking to our students. If you haven’t already, please consider volunteering your time to help your College community.


Carley Whatley has been involved with […]

31 07, 2023

Seizing Every Opportunity

2023-08-03T15:42:03+10:0031 July, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

College Co-captain, Hamish Fyffe, was asked to speak to families thinking of enrolling their children at Scotch Oakburn College.

This is a condensed version of what he had to say:  

Arriving at Scotch Oakburn in Year 7 from West Launceston Primary, I remember walking in on my first day and thinking “everyone looks so smart!” I soon learned that the standards and expectations of learners at Scotch Oakburn were high but were also supported by an incredible group of teachers who would guide us in reaching our goals. Scotch Oakburn is for anyone with a passion for working hard, trying […]

24 07, 2023

Technology’s Impact on Learning

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The purpose of any technology is to meet the needs of humanity and solve problems or complete tasks in a more effective and efficient way; however, when applied to the educational sphere, technology’s purpose becomes more complicated. Not only is technology used with the purpose of enabling and improving learning, but Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills in
and of themselves, are required by students if they are to be prepared for the world in which they will live. The paradox continues when you consider that studies are now showing that technology is a two-edged sword: it is a necessity, yet it […]

20 07, 2023

A Legacy to Remember

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He is known by many names – friend, mentor, colleague, coach, husband, father and grandfather. His love for the Essendon Football Club and cricket (well all sports really) is unsurpassed. For 40 years Lachie Wright has been the lifeblood of the Junior School – the legacy he leaves will be felt for years to come.

Lachie Wright has championed what it means to cultivate meaningful relationships, providing guidance and support to those who’ve crossed his path. He has a profound ability to know the name of every student that walks through the school gates. After 40 years at the helm of […]

19 07, 2023

Safeguarding Success

2023-08-03T15:42:35+10:0019 July, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

Scotch Oakburn’s journey towards Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) accreditation as a child safe organisation has been a transformative and essential process. Recognising the paramount importance of Safeguarding our students and creating a nurturing environment, we embarked on this accreditation journey to ensure that every child in our care feels safe, supported, and protected.

The ACF accreditation is a rigorous and comprehensive process that evaluates an organisation’s policies, practices, and culture with a specific focus on child safety. It involves an in-depth examination of our safeguarding procedures, staff training, governance, and overall commitment to child protection, from the Board through to our […]

18 07, 2023

An Enriched Community

2023-08-03T16:08:58+10:0018 July, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

Community is something that Simon has come to appreciate

from his years as a student at the College…


Simon Dornauf (‘04) knows how much cultural diversity can enrich a community. As the Director and Farm Manager of Hillwood Berries, which he operates with parents Karen (nee Smith, MLC, ‘79) and Robin (Scotch, ‘79) and his brother Marcus (‘06), he is surrounded daily by the song, dance and humour of his migrant workers.

Hillwood Berries is a participant in the Australian Government’s Seasonal Worker Program, which recruits workers from Samoa, Tonga and Timor Leste and employs refugees from Nepal and Afghanistan.

10 07, 2023

Scotch Oakburn nominated for Educator award

2023-07-27T08:19:41+10:0010 July, 2023|Categories: Featured News, SOC Blog|

An article from the Examiner Newspaper, Launceston, 9 July, 2023
Author: Declan Durrant

A Launceston school has been nominated alongside the top eight in the country for a prestigious education award.

Scotch Oakburn College is in the running for The Educator magazine’s 2023 National Awards in educational excellence for its school-wide 15-year Strategic Plan.

The College’s strategic plan outlines the school’s future over the next decade and a half, including projects […]

6 07, 2023

Scotch Oakburn College progresses on Inquiry and Environmental Centre

2023-07-27T08:19:33+10:006 July, 2023|Categories: Featured News, SOC Blog|

An article from the Examiner Newspaper, Launceston, 5 July, 2023
Author: Declan Durrant

A planned $6 million dollar educational building at Scotch Oakburn College will progress in coming weeks as the school sends out a tender for the major construction project.

The Elphin Road college hopes to begin building the Inquiry and Environmental Centre at its junior campus later this […]

20 06, 2023


2023-07-05T11:50:54+10:0020 June, 2023|Categories: Featured News, SOC Blog|

As you are aware our valued Principal, Andy Mȕller, advised the Board late last year that he will end his tenure in December 2023. Upon this departure, this will conclude almost 11 exemplary years of service as Principal of Scotch Oakburn College.

We also informed you that the Board would conduct an extensive search to find our next Principal and, that as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board, we would lead that search with the support of Odgers Berndtson, an internationally recognised Principal Search consultant.

After an extensive process, across much of Term One and Two, our Board is extremely […]

8 03, 2023

What is the ideal class size?

2023-07-05T11:51:02+10:008 March, 2023|Categories: Featured News, SOC Blog|

One question that often arises when speaking to potential families is, “What are the class sizes at Scotch Oakburn?”. The answer is that they vary across the school and within Year Levels because there are a number of factors to be taken into account.

  1. The physical size of the classroom.
  2. Whether the Year Level has a high intake of new students.
  3. The age of the students.
  4. The subject being taught and typical learning activities taking place.
  5. The needs of the students in the class.
  6. Resources available to the teacher and students.
  7. Additional Learning Assistants/adults in the class.
  8. Mandatory staff-to-student ratios.
  9. […]