28 06, 2024


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Today, I had the immense pleasure of announcing, alongside Deputy Principal – Elphin, Ben Green, that our next major capital works project, named The Lachie Wright Centre, will commence construction in the very near future. This exciting development is set to address the current learning space challenges at the Elphin Campus, and most importantly, it will significantly enhance the learning experience for all students, particularly our Year 5 cohort.

The Lachie Wright Centre is more than just […]

9 04, 2024


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Returning home to Tasmania was like sinking into a comfortable, old armchair for Megan Dick (‘88). As a former student who attended the school with her siblings Andrew (‘91), Katrina (‘87) and Rowena (‘93), the Curator of The John Glover Art Prize was seeing the landscape of Scotch Oakburn from different eyes.

“After leaving school, I didn’t have much of a connection with Scotch, but now it is quite nice to be amongst it,” Megan said.

“You only realise when your children go back to school how nice it is to have that school […]

2 04, 2024


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Deeply ingrained in the College’s traditions lies the House system. More than an organisational structure, this system helps to give students a sense of identity, belonging, and community.

This article delves into this enduring legacy, uncovering the myriad ways it benefits and supports students.

The House system, encompassing Briggs, Dean, Fox, and Nance, serves as a cornerstone for student integration and development. From their first steps on campus, students find a welcoming community within their House, a place where they’re not just known, valued and cared for, but celebrated for their uniqueness.

It plays an […]

20 03, 2024


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2024 Wellbeing Priorities for healthy and balance individuals

In 2022 Scotch Oakburn College commenced, what we plan on being, a long-term project that involves the annual administration of the Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey (SWES).

The results of these surveys enable us to understand and support the wellbeing of all students in our learning environment. The survey collects responses from students under the broad domains of – Loved, Safe and Valued / Healthy / Material basics / Learning / Participating, and Positive Sense of Culture and Identity.

From analysing the data collated from individual reports […]

9 03, 2024


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Scotch Oakburn College is a school where learning extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms, where each student’s personal growth is as valued as their academic achievements.

This has always been the vision our College embraces, a holistic approach to education, known as Experiential Learning. Let’s start with a story to illustrate what this means.

Picture a student, Emma, who not only excels in her science class but also shines in the drama club, plays soccer, and volunteers at a local charity. In each of these activities, Emma is not just participating; she’s learning vital […]

3 08, 2023

Brewing Goodness

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Volunteering and being part of a community can provide an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and develop meaningful connections. It can also bring a sense of belonging and connectedness.

We are fortunate to have people like Carley and Luke who regularly volunteer at Coffee@Laneway and others who support College events and return to the College to speak with our students about business and experiences.

There are countless opportunities available, donating time or resources or speaking to our students. If you haven’t already, please consider volunteering your time to help your College community.


Carley Whatley has been involved with […]

31 07, 2023

Seizing Every Opportunity

2024-05-09T12:56:04+10:0031 July, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

College Co-captain, Hamish Fyffe, was asked to speak to families thinking of enrolling their children at Scotch Oakburn College.

This is a condensed version of what he had to say:  

Arriving at Scotch Oakburn in Year 7 from West Launceston Primary, I remember walking in on my first day and thinking “everyone looks so smart!” I soon learned that the standards and expectations of learners at Scotch Oakburn were high but were also supported by an incredible group of teachers who would guide us in reaching our goals. Scotch Oakburn is for anyone with a passion for working hard, trying […]

24 07, 2023

Technology’s Impact on Learning

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The purpose of any technology is to meet the needs of humanity and solve problems or complete tasks in a more effective and efficient way; however, when applied to the educational sphere, technology’s purpose becomes more complicated. Not only is technology used with the purpose of enabling and improving learning, but Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills in
and of themselves, are required by students if they are to be prepared for the world in which they will live. The paradox continues when you consider that studies are now showing that technology is a two-edged sword: it is a necessity, yet it […]

20 07, 2023

A Legacy to Remember

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He is known by many names – friend, mentor, colleague, coach, husband, father and grandfather. His love for the Essendon Football Club and cricket (well all sports really) is unsurpassed. For 40 years Lachie Wright has been the lifeblood of the Junior School – the legacy he leaves will be felt for years to come.

Lachie Wright has championed what it means to cultivate meaningful relationships, providing guidance and support to those who’ve crossed his path. He has a profound ability to know the name of every student that walks through the school gates. After 40 years at the helm of […]

19 07, 2023

Safeguarding Success

2023-08-03T15:42:35+10:0019 July, 2023|Categories: SOC Blog|

Scotch Oakburn’s journey towards Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) accreditation as a child safe organisation has been a transformative and essential process. Recognising the paramount importance of Safeguarding our students and creating a nurturing environment, we embarked on this accreditation journey to ensure that every child in our care feels safe, supported, and protected.

The ACF accreditation is a rigorous and comprehensive process that evaluates an organisation’s policies, practices, and culture with a specific focus on child safety. It involves an in-depth examination of our safeguarding procedures, staff training, governance, and overall commitment to child protection, from the Board through to our […]