Community Strand Update


8 January, 2022


Our Community (students, staff, parents and Collegians)are the heart and soul of the College and our most important asset. Community isn’t something we aspire to, it is who we are, what connects us and what sets us apart.

Parent Support and Engagement

Parental support and engagement remain a continued focus and in 2021 several exciting developments to achieving the College’s long-term goals and objectives were achieved.

Consultation with members of our parent community resulted in the introduction of Scotch Oakburn’s SchoolTV in October, offering parents a fresh approach to the growing challenges and pressures faced by Australian youth. SchoolTV is a unique online resource delivering powerful and credible information to empower parents with the skills to address these challenges and raise happy, healthy and resilient young people. In conjunction with the introduction of SchoolTV, the College commenced a monthly wellbeing newsletter, each month highlighting resources to assist with specific topics.

Access SchoolTV at

Nurture a culture of giving, support and philanthropy amongst our community.

This year the College welcomes the four deserved benefactors of the College’s inaugural Community Service Scholarship, a scholarship designed to change lives through education. The focus of this new scholarship has been and will continue to be about creating a tomorrow for others full of new opportunities; the notion of developing empathy and compassion to be adaptable in building a more just and sustainable world. Early in 2022, working with key partners such as the Migrant Resource Centre and The Smith Family (along with other community groups), the search will continue as we actively seek out the next group of students who will benefit from these opportunities.

Recognise our students are the basis of our community and our reason for being.


Mentoring is a professional relationship between a mentee and a mentor to discuss career goals and aspirations. Mentoring can be structured, goal driven with regular catch-ups, a one-off
call or an exchange of emails.

We believe that when a student leaves the College their ‘formal’ relationship ends, but as Collegians they become part of a global network of thousands of Collegians; a group of people who have a shared life experience, networks and skills, ready to connect and give back. As part of our commitment to lifelong learning, in December of 2021, the College launched its inaugural mentoring program, initially targeted towards our cohort of 2021 Year 12 leavers. We believe a formal, professional mentoring program will connect them with like-minded Collegians who will support them to grow as young adults.

We are delighted to announce that Tara Howell (nee Anstie, ’08)) and Matt Will (’96), pictured, have agreed to champion the program in its inaugural year. Both Matt and Tara are successful entrepreneurs and are passionate about Tasmania and its young people.

For more information or to register your interest to become a mentor visit