Scotch Oakburn College stands proudly as one of Australia’s finest independent schools, celebrated for its academic excellence and vibrant co-curricular achievements. Nestled in Launceston, Australia’s third oldest city, our school thrives within the stunning, serene backdrop of Tasmania—the heart of some of the world’s safest, friendliest, and cleanest landscapes.

Here, education extends beyond the classroom into the breathtaking environment of Tasmania, an island known not only for its pristine wilderness and beautiful landscapes but also as a gateway to the mystical Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. This unique setting offers not just a high-quality education but a beautiful, distraction-free environment where students can truly focus and excel in their studies.

Safety and community are at the core of the Tasmanian experience. Known for its open and diverse population, Tasmania hosts welcoming communities and a vibrant culture that effortlessly blends outdoor adventures with a lively food scene. This nurturing environment is ideal for fostering new cultural understandings and enhancing English language skills amidst a friendly community eager to connect and share.

Scotch Oakburn’s close partnership with the University of Tasmania, which boasts a local campus right here in Launceston, ensures a seamless educational pathway for our international students. This collaboration not only enriches the academic experience but also offers abundant opportunities to practice English in a real-world setting, preparing students for both academic and personal success.

Moreover, Tasmania’s commitment to sustainability, evidenced by achieving a net carbon negative status in 2022, reflects our school’s dedication to teaching our students the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainable living practices.

Choosing Scotch Oakburn College means joining a safe, supportive, and intellectually stimulating community where students are encouraged to achieve their best, embrace global perspectives, and grow into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Explore the extraordinary possibilities that await at Scotch Oakburn College, where your educational journey is intertwined with adventure, community, and a deep respect for the natural world.

Japanese student Chinatsu Komada shares her experience of boarding at Scotch Oakburn College.

Principal, Ross Patterson, welcomes you to Scotch Oakburn College.

Education is important. Find out more about learning at Scotch Oakburn College.

Student Kulani Somarathna shares her story.


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Boarding at Scotch Oakburn College

The Scotch Oakburn College Boarding House provides a home away from home for our international students.

Our wonderful staff have a genuine interest in the care and development of young people, and a real understanding of what it means to make a successful transition from home to a Boarding House environment. Life at Scotch Oakburn Boarding House is warm and friendly, with a caring atmosphere central to everything that we do.

Our Head of Boarding works with resident tutors and boarding staff to provide boarders with a comfortable, supervised environment conducive to study and the development of lifelong friendships.

The College also has an International Student Coordinator who assists international students with their various needs, both pastoral and academic, in the Senior School.

Academic Performance

Scotch Oakburn has established a reputation for excellence in academic standards, consistently achieving high nationwide results. Our mission is to provide outstanding learning opportunities and creative challenges in a coeducational setting, encouraging and inspiring our learners to become active contributors to an ever-changing world.

Our combination of excellent teaching, the provision of a well-rounded education and the right attitude, sees our students produce consistently excellent results.

The ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is, on the surface, an academic gauge; however, we know from research that students who are involved in a variety of pursuits beyond the classroom are also those who achieve most closely to their potential. Hence, the median ATAR is also a gauge of the positive culture that is best described as ‘school spirit’.

The class of 2023 achieved a median ATAR of 88.25, indicating that 50% of our Year 12 students were placed in the top 11.75% nationally. This alone is an outstanding effort; more importantly, the College is proud of all that our Year 12 students have achieved and congratulates them on a wonderful year, excelling in many areas of endeavour, in and beyond the classroom.

Other 2023 results:

Sporting Opportunities

Scotch Oakburn College has a proud sporting tradition. Summer sports include rowing, sailing, cricket, softball, swimming, basketball, table tennis and tennis. Winter options include hockey, netball, Australian Rules Football, badminton, volleyball and soccer. Students participate in a summer and winter sport.

Short term study tour

Scotch Oakburn College is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to further student education while learning about Australian life and culture.  Offering a short term study tour in Australia, students will stay in our boarding house, and receive the support of resident tutors and staff, while studying and experiencing school life.

Our safe environment, academic record and range of sporting opportunities make Scotch Oakburn a perfect location for short term study.

Longer term study options are also available. Students successfully completing their final years of study with us are able to gain entry to Australian university (visa requirements apply).

Enquire now to begin organising your study program with one of Australia’s finest schools.

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International Student Policies

View our International student policies on our College policy page – follow this link to view.