24 February, 2021



This year the College has agreed to be a school sponsor of Global Futures, a new course being written as part of the Year 9-12 Project – a collaborative, cross-sectoral project aimed at increasing student engagement.

The aim of Global Futures is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to bring out positive change in response to significant local, national and global issues. Specifically, students who engage with this course will complete three proposed modules: Changing the Law, Changing Minds and Taking Action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The course will connect to existing Civics, History and Geography courses and require students to problem-solve, consider ethical action, reflect and evaluate. The College’s role as a sponsor school is to ensure and demonstrate the viability and relevance of the proposed course and to be part of the process in terms of development and potential delivery. The writing of Global Futures is currently underway and this offering will be considered for Year 10 students in 2022.

Sarah Lillywhite
Director of Curriculum 6-12