27 January, 2023


We are excited that the first of two major developments has been approved and will commence in 2023. The Elphin Inquiry and Environmental Centre firmly aligns to the Strands (of our Strategic Vision) of Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity. Nestled beside our beautiful Claremont Garden and connected to our already existing Art Studio, we continue to innovate, developing new learning environments that are designed to inspire minds, create community, and shape future lives.

This new learning space has been designed to foster the essential life skills of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The Inquiry and Environmental Centre will form a new link from the campus to Claremont Garden. Importantly, the design process has included collaboration with young learners, educators and the community where they were challenged to focus on creating imaginative and stimulating learning environments for our youngest learners.

These new learning spaces will allow students to find their passion as they will be places of invention and reflection, spaces where dreams evolve,  and the journey of lifelong learning is further nourished.

The learning space will evolve into a learning tool. Learning programs will include a focus on environmental sustainability and include topics such as farming, water conservation and sustainable energy. Activities such as monitoring the collection of rainwater, the creation of solar energy and understanding how vertical gardens can help the environment maintain ambient temperatures will help strengthen learning.

The Centre will be a place where learning and living with nature come together as an educational experience focused on ecology and the environment.

The College plans to go to market in early 2023 seeking a construction contractor with the targets of work commencing in mid-2023 and the first intake of students into the facility in Term One, 2025.