YEAR 6 TO 12


At Scotch Oakburn College we are very proud of our strong boarding tradition and the warm, home-away-from-home environment our professional and compassionate staff create for our boarding family.

Our co-educational Boarding House provides spacious and recently renovated accommodation for up to 80 Year 6 to 12 students from across Tasmania´s country regions as well as from interstate and overseas. Located at the heart of the Elphin Campus in the original, historic Methodist Ladies’ College/Oakburn College buildings, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and century-old oak trees, the Scotch Oakburn College Boarding House is a special place indeed.

The College offers a variety of flexible boarding arrangements including full-time, part-time and casual boarding. These options allow boarders and their parents to choose a pattern of boarding that suits their needs.

Our Head of Boarding and Tutors are only a phone call or email away for parent queries and concerns, with two-way communications being frequent and encouraged.

Boarding parent Mick Grimshaw 

Boarding House life fosters a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere with staff who genuinely care about every student.

 – Bo Power, Head of Boarding

Boarding parent Kate Taylor

Former boarder Carlton Heres

Every effort is made to duplicate the healthy eating standards parents would provide at home and our on-site chefs prepare delicious, balanced meals, with fruit and healthy snacks always available. We have in place, strict policies on study times, security and safety, and electronics and firewalls. Specialist tutors provide further academic support to help students achieve their ambitions and a communal study area, as well as personal workspaces, are available to all students.

Our safe and caring environment is a place where every boarder feels recognised, respected and valued. Boarding life provides many opportunities for fun and games with the students instigating dress up nights, cultural dinners, fundraiser pizza nights and charity events to bring everyone together. Optional weekend activities such as hiking, mountain bike riding, film nights, picnics, sightseeing and farm visits, provide all full-time boarders with the opportunity to get out and about with friends at the weekends.

We encourage each boarding student to have a balanced involvement in the academic, sporting and cultural life of the College but we understand that students also need space to relax and unwind. We have a games room including a table tennis table, pool table, piano, tv’s and lounges, and students have supervised access to the on-site pool and sporting facilities.

As well as promoting academic excellence amongst boarders, we continue to strongly emphasise our desire for each of them to become self-directed, well balanced and ethical people. Living in our boarding community helps students acquire important life skills such as empathy and respect for others, independence and organisational skills, and most importantly, confidence and life-long friendships.

Parents Always Welcome

Scotch Oakburn College understands important family values such as nurture and care. It doesn’t matter where you live, parents and relatives are always encouraged to share in the Boarding House life of their children. Family members are regularly invited to Boarding House activities, including special events designed for parents. Regular news is sent home to families to keep them informed, aware, and connected to the Boarding House and the people who call it home.