25 January, 2023


The College Community Service program seeks to promote and provide opportunities for our students to engage in two of the six Round Square IDEALS – Leadership and Service. The Round Square Spirit of Leadership recognises that successful leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to nurture, guide, develop and help them to improve and succeed.
Spirit of Service celebrates personal development through practical experience that brings sustainable support and benefit to others.

Throughout 2022, more than 40 students in Years 6-12 were encouraged and supported as they volunteered their time, energy, and commitment with organisations in our community. For some students, it assisted with their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award requirements; but for many, it was simply a desire to help others and give back to our community. The program connected with several new service opportunities in 2022.

Seventeen students became involved with The Smith Family Student2Student Buddy reading program. For each phase, students were paired with a younger reader and read with them online for two or three sessions per week over 18 weeks. Our students helped these young people develop a love and interest in reading which research shows correlates closely with
improved educational outcomes.

In May, students assisted The Salvation Army with their annual Red Shield Appeal, giving up their Saturday and Sunday mornings to help fundraise. During Terms Three and Four, a group of students visited the Migrant Resource Centre at Mowbray to assist with after-school activities. Our students were able to make new connections and friendships from this wonderful experience.

A partnership with the Rotary Club of Central Launceston also began in 2022. Students in our Senior School have many opportunities to participate in leadership and service activities through Rotary, especially in the STEM learning area.  I give special mention to one of our 2022 Year 11 students, George de Hayr, who was a mentor on the Windeward Bound Voyage program in December. We look forward to hearing all about George’s experience on the high seas around Tasmania as the new school year begins.

In addition to these new partnerships and initiatives in 2022, the Year 9 Community Service Week program in Term Two for Dean and Nance House, and Term Four for Briggs and Fox House, played an important role in the development of all Year 9 students as future leaders in our College and the wider community. The program is run each year and is underpinned by a two-day workshop with JCP Youth, led by Will Smith, with the theme of ‘Seek to serve rather than be served’. The workshop aims to help students understand how to become the best versions of themselves and how they bring value to others. Students also interact with community organisations and explore future opportunities to volunteer in our community.

The ongoing development of our Community Service program focuses on meeting the goals and objectives of the Scotch Oakburn College Strategic Vision, SOC2035, in the key Strands of Wellbeing and Community. It aims to help students understand that a small act of kindness can lead to a greater benefit to others in our community.

Jamie Breden
Community Service Coordinator