10 July, 2021


Our Community (students, staff, parents and Collegians) are the heart and soul of the College and our most important asset. Community isn’t something we aspire to, it is who we are, what connects us and what sets us apart.

GOAL: Community Education Program

In fulfilling our goal of lifelong learning, the College remains committed to creating a Community Education Program that fosters an informed and engaged parent body who understand, support and are aligned to our Mission, Vision and Values. Already this year we have delivered the eight-week Circle of Security Parenting Program and specialist Paul Dillon, presented on Teenage Drug and Alcohol. In Term 3, specialised parent sessions on Cybersafety, with one of Australia’s foremost experts on Cybersafety and young people, Susan McLean, and Respectful Relationships, with SEED Workshops CEO, Catherine Manning, will be made available.

The College continues to investigate where it can identify programs and subject matter experts who can complement the work already being undertaken with students on a day-to-day basis. Later in the year, a published calendar will be made available that will host all current and upcoming events and programs.

GOAL: Proactively seek out and form mutually beneficial Strategic Partnerships

With the overarching theme of the College being a ‘Community Hub’, we must look beyond our own gates to see how we can interact with and positively influence our local, national and global communities.

Scotch Oakburn has had a number of partnerships with organisations and entities whose ethos and Values are in synergy with our own and we continue to seek out those organisations to further our students’ learning. They then have a variety of opportunities to develop their Learner Attributes and live out the College’s Values. Our association with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been an association that has added to the learning and development of many students over a long period of time. More recently we joined the Round Square Association of Schools, worldwide, which has added another layer of connection across the College, linking our curriculum in the areas of the IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service). Our ongoing links to the University of Tasmania, the Migrant Resource Centre and the Smith Family, to name a few, are all partnerships that have mutually beneficial outcomes and ultimately assist the young people at Scotch Oakburn and beyond.