24 March, 2021


Reimagining Education – Learner Profile and Learner Attributes


A Video Series

For students to thrive they need to become expert learners. They need to acquire a body of knowledge, skills, attributes and values that enable them to adapt and contribute in an ever-changing environment.

The skills, or capabilities for learning, include the basics of literacy, numeracy and the use of information and communication technology. More than this, they also encompass broader social skills of communication, collaboration and ethical behaviour and the ability to perform in an intercultural environment.

For learners to develop these skills or capabilities, the organisation of learning must provide students with the opportunities to truly exercise their capacities.

In this seven-part video series, learn how Scotch Oakburn College is tackling this subject as we reimagine education so that students thrive in the 21st Century.

In our first video, hear from College leaders as they unpack what a Learner Profile is and why it is so important.

1.  What is the Learner Profile?


In coming weeks:

2.  What are the 10 Learner Attributes?
3.  How are we developing the Learner Profile?
4.  How does the Learner Profile complement foundational skills such as

     English, Maths etc?
5.  Our focus is the student and their learning!
6.  We are committed to change as societies need change…
7.  This is a natural extension of Round Square