12 April, 2021


Reimagining Education – Learner Profile and Learner Attributes


In this seven-part video series, learn how Scotch Oakburn College is tackling this subject as we reimagine education so that students thrive in the 21st Century.

1.  What is the Learner Profile?
2. What are the 10 Learner Attributes?
3. How are we developing the Learner Profile?
4. How does the Learner Profile complement foundational skills such as English and Maths?

5. Creating Lifelong Learners

Our goal is that when students leave the College, they are confident life-long learners who love continual learning. The development of the Learner Profile will give them the confidence to achieve this.

In coming weeks:

6.  We are committed to change as societies need change…
7.  This is a natural extension of Round Square