29 October, 2021


Well done to all students who competed in the recent Japanese Speech Competition across Tasmania.  Year 7 students memorised a 20 sentence self-introduction speech.  There was a set speech about Tasmania that the Year 8 students had to learn and deliver.  Year 9 students created their own script around the topic of “Last Saturday” to memorise and deliver and the Year 10 category was responding in Japanese to questions asked in Japanese.  Students showed courage and effective communication skills.  The following students were awarded  Honourable Mentions:

Year 7: Erin Grubert
Year 8: Lincoln Giasli
Year 9: Ella Fischer

Other participants were: Angus Poulsen, Emily Atherton, Jay Buist, Elise Kingston, Iona Hamilton, Maya Martin, Charlotte Oates Pryor, Mackenzie Buck and Kim Latt.

Jenny Banbury
Coordinator of Japanese

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