20 March, 2024


2024 Wellbeing Priorities for healthy and balance individuals

In 2022 Scotch Oakburn College commenced, what we plan on being, a long-term project that involves the annual administration of the Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey (SWES).

The results of these surveys enable us to understand and support the wellbeing of all students in our learning environment. The survey collects responses from students under the broad domains of – Loved, Safe and Valued / Healthy / Material basics / Learning / Participating, and Positive Sense of Culture and Identity.

From analysing the data collated from individual reports from students in 2022, key stakeholders were able to provide input as to what their preferences were for the College’s Wellbeing priorities for 2023.

Our key priorities for 2023 were the subdomains of Life Satisfaction, Engagement and Flow, School Climate and Resilience.

Late in Term 3 2023 the College re-administered the survey, once again sharing the results with students, via their mentor groups, staff, parent representatives and Board Directors.

Analysis of the feedback from these groups identified a small shift in the priorities.

Life Satisfaction will remain as our overarching goal for 2024. This is seen as an ideal descriptor as it encompasses a personal evaluation of one’s quality of life and is inclusive of mood, relationships, achieved goals, self-concepts and self-perceived ability to cope. Emotional

Regulation was identified as a high priority by all groups. School Climate and Engagement and Flow also rated as a high priority for both students and staff. Some additional subdomains of Resilience, Sleep, and Belonging were also identified as being important by stakeholders and these will be incorporated into the work on School Climate and Emotional Regulation.

Mindset education will form part of this, highlighting how strongly our habitual or characteristic mental attitude will influence how we interpret and respond to situations.

A focus on Healthy Culture where all community members feel valued, safe and comfortable, physically, emotionally and spiritually is vital for life satisfaction and growth.

A standout from both the 2022 and 2023 Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey is in the subdomain of Connectedness to Adults at School, strongly indicating that staff have formed and are maintaining trusted relationships with students.

In 2024 students will also have more opportunities for open and authentic collaboration with the College’s Wellbeing Team in addressing the priorities, through the adoption of the roles of Wellbeing Captains.

Kylie Wolstencroft
Director Wellbeing – Penquite/ Registered Psychologist