21 05, 2021


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Words cannot explain how grateful we are…

We are excited and humbled to inform you that we have reached our goal of $467,600.

Through your support, 12 students will benefit from the Community Service Scholarship.

Our College community has been nothing short of incredible.

Thank you again!

Andy Müller           Selena Palmer
Principal                 Chairperson, Foundation Committee

7 05, 2021


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On Thursday 20 May, the College is hosting a 24-hour Giving Day focused on generating support to fully fund the Community Service Scholarship. These scholarships will be offered to new students entering the College in Year 11 and will be fully funded to cover all costs through to the end of Year 12. Your donation will contribute to supporting up to 12 students including six boarders.

With your help, we can reach our Giving Day goal of $467,600.

For the 24 hour period, your tax-deductible gift will be matched by our generous matched donors, […]

6 05, 2021


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Reimagining Education – Learner Profile and Learner Attributes


In this seven-part video series, learn how Scotch Oakburn College is tackling this subject as we reimagine education so that students thrive in the 21st Century.

1.  What is the Learner Profile?
2. What are the 10 Learner Attributes?
3. How are we developing the Learner Profile?
4. How does the Learner Profile complement foundational skills such as English and Maths?
5. Creating Lifelong Learners
6. Committed to change as societies need a […]

26 03, 2021


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For students to thrive they need to become expert learners. They need to acquire a body of knowledge, skills, attributes and values that enable them to adapt and contribute in an ever-changing environment.

The skills, or capabilities for learning, include the basics of literacy, numeracy and the use of information and communication technology. More than this, they also encompass broader social skills of communication, collaboration and ethical behaviour and the ability to perform in an intercultural environment.

Today, the College is excited to launch a seven-part video series that outlines how Scotch Oakburn […]

19 03, 2021


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At this year’s SATIS Head of the River, the College was represented by 115 rowers from U13 through to Open. It was a wonderful weekend with every rowing to the best of their ability. In Division One, Scotch Oakburn won a five races, came second in three more and third in an additional six. In Division Two, we had top three placings in 19 other events. An excellent result and great reward for all the hard work both coaches and students have put in since the commencement of season 2020-21 at the […]

12 03, 2021


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As we finish Week 6 and start to near the end of Term 1,  work continues on SOC2035, the College’s Strategic Vision.

Across our four Strands of Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity, no less than 16 strategic projects are now underway from a range of staff (teaching and non-teaching) right across the College. Whilst still in the very early stages, progress on several of these projects is now gaining momentum.

The College’s commitment to you, our community, is to keep you updated on these projects, so you are as informed as possible.

To do […]

20 12, 2020

2020 Achievement

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In an extraordinary year that placed great demands on leaders, our Year 12 students have fulfilled their role of student leadership with great compassion, courage and integrity. Their willingness to think creatively to maintain a culture of inclusivity during trying times was outstanding. Throughout the year they bore the torch of school spirit, engaging across the full spectrum of College life, engaging in service and representing the College in the wider community, all of which epitomised the character of the cohort.

The Year Group have maintained a spirit of friendly rivalry in […]

4 12, 2020


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Over the last four months the College has undertaken the recruitment process to appoint a Deputy Principal to replace Kate Croft, who leaves us after 23 years of dedicated service to the College. COVID slowed this process down as we had to wait for borders to open before we could meet our short-listed candidates in person and tour them around the College. In addition, due to the delay in the process, the Deputy Principal will not be able to commence at the College until the start of Term 2, next year.

I […]