Project Description

Early Primary Coordinator

Favourite song: Tell me your dream by Blue Rodeo (a good Canadian band!)
Favourite place: The mountains, specifically in the alpine.
Inspired by: My family and the children I’ve taught over the years!
Favourite book: The Power of One By Bryce Courtenay – recommended by my uncle who found great strength from this book.
If you could be any animal? A wolf. I love to be, and learn collaboratively, in a pack. I find we always take our thinking much further when we work together. I also think that wolves are quite resourceful and agile and I like to think we challenge ourselves to do the same.
Why SOC? Because it is quite frankly the best possible start to your child’s education. Scotch Oakburn has innovative, passionate and dedicated educators who are inspired by the children they teach. The perfect recipe for deep engagement and learning!