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21 03, 2019

Basketball Tasmania holiday camps

2019-03-21T13:23:39+11:0021 March, 2019|Categories: Community|

Registration for the April Basketball Tasmania Holiday Camps is now open.

These school holiday basketball camps offer junior basketballer’s the opportunity to develop their skills while having fun!

Camps are available for boys and girls born between 2006-2011. The camp cost is $80 per person. The cost includes a Molten basketball!

The dates and locations for the BTAS Holiday Camps have been confirmed and registration is now live:

April 15 & 16 – Elizabeth College, Hobart
April 17 & 18 – Ulverstone Sport & Leisure Centre, Ulverstone
April 23 & 24 – Elphin Sports Centre, Launceston

For more details and to register, follow this link: https://bit.ly/2WcJdLw

21 03, 2019

Interschool Chess

2019-03-21T13:04:13+11:0021 March, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

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On Tuesday 19 March, Scotch Oakburn College hosted the first Interschool Chess Tournament for 2019 in the HPEC on Penquite Campus. It was a great day of chess and intense intellectual battles were fought.

Being the first tournament of the year it is sometimes confronting for younger students and beginners, but they all showed resilience and determination. The competition was again of a very high standard.

Both junior teams (from Year 3 to Year 6) did very well with the B team, made of the youngest players, finishing 4th, just behind […]

21 03, 2019

Year 8 Forensics

2019-03-21T13:04:54+11:0021 March, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

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This week Year 8 Forensics students engaged in blood spatter analysis and learnt how the shape of a blood splash can tell an investigator a lot about what was happening at the time a crime was committed. Using simulated blood they conducted a series of experiments and measurements to build their knowledge of how blood behaves when dropped from different heights, onto different surfaces, and at different velocities.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

21 03, 2019

Senior Round Square

2019-03-21T13:36:55+11:0021 March, 2019|Categories: Round Square, Senior School|

Recently in the U.S., a boy contracted tetanus, a life-threatening bacterial disease that most people are vaccinated against. The boy was not vaccinated, and it cost over $800,000 US dollars in treatment and two months in the hospital before he was well enough to return home. During the discharge process from hospital, doctors recommended some follow-up vaccines to prevent the disease from afflicting the boy again, but the family refused.

At the recent lunchtime Round Square meeting, Scarlett Veevers ran a session that explored the anti-vaccine movement and examined some of the reasons and psychology behind why some parents choose not […]

21 03, 2019

Junior School Parent Student Teacher Conferences

2019-03-22T12:37:15+11:0021 March, 2019|Categories: Junior School|

Thank you to all families who have met with class teachers over these last two weeks to discuss learning progress and particularly to look at individual learning goals for the coming term.

The value of the home-school partnership for student learning outcomes should never be underestimated. Similarly, the importance of students ‘owning’ their own learning and learning how to identify goals and strategies leading to the achievement of these goals is very significant in both the short term and the longer term.

Class teachers can be contacted directly where follow-up meetings are needed. Parents are also welcome to contact other teachers of […]

20 03, 2019

Responding constructively to the Christchurch shooting

2019-03-21T11:11:00+11:0020 March, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

Author: Michael Grose


Last Friday’s shooting of innocent people in two Christchurch mosques is an event that has shaken people to the core worldwide.

While we’d like to protect our children from such events, in reality, it’s impossible, as the news coverage is so widespread and the event itself has impacted so many people. The personal nature of this particular tragedy makes it even harder to stomach than some recent natural disasters that have made the news, as awful as they have been.

So how do you approach this with your children? There is no easy answer, but be assured that your […]

19 03, 2019

Student Achievement

2019-03-22T15:13:42+11:0019 March, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

Congratulations to Bryce Lawes (Year 8) who has been selected to compete in the Australian Athletics Championships in Sydney from 1 – 5 April.

Julie Kemp
Head of Middle School

19 03, 2019

Da Vinci Decathlon

2019-03-21T13:41:33+11:0019 March, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

This year we are able to enter teams from Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 into the Da Vinci Decathlon, all of which are held in Hobart.  The da Vinci decathlon is an academic gala day for students that challenges their thinking in areas such as Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Engineering, Ideation, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry, Cartography and General Knowledge. Students work in teams of 8 and a particular emphasis is placed on higher order thinking skills.

Year 7 – Monday, 8 April at Mt Carmel College
Year 8 – Tuesday, 9 April at Mt Carmel College
Year 6 – […]

19 03, 2019

Visitors to Middle School

2019-03-22T12:55:13+11:0019 March, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

We welcome visitors to the Middle School however remind you that should you need to visit for any reason, please be sure to sign in at Middle School reception and obtain a visitors pass.

Thank you.

Julie Kemp
Head fo Middle School

19 03, 2019

Earn and Learn stickers

2019-03-22T13:29:49+11:0019 March, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

It is with many thanks we are beginning to receive Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers. As always, we appreciate the efforts that our school community go to, to assist our growth. We are lucky enough to be in a position where we are well resourced, and our students have good access to the relevant learning equipment to achieve what is needed in classrooms. With this in mind, we are happy to accept stickers at each school reception which will then be donated to St Giles.

Joel Brewer
Director of Marketing & Admissions