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26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T15:59:14+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Senior School|

The Tasmanian Rowing Club Championships were held last weekend at Lake Barrington and the College was invited to participate.

Our senior girls obtained the best results by any Scotch Oakburn team in the history of the College winning:

U19 Women’s Eight
U19 Women’s Coxless Quad
U19 Women’s Single (Lindsay Calvert)
U19 Women’s Coxed Four
U19 Women’s Pair

They also narrowly missed a win in the U21 Women’s Eight.

The last time I can recall any school got close to winning this number of events at the State Championships was by the Scotch Oakburn boys in 2008 and 2018 where […]

26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T13:16:43+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our record breakers, age champions and runners up as well as all our students on competing across the two days at our Inter-House Swimming Carnivals, 18 and 19 February. At the year 7-12 carnival, Fox placed first followed by Briggs, Nance and Dean.  In Year 6, Briggs House won the day, followed by Fox, Nance and Dean.  Combining scores, I congratulate Fox House, this year’s winning House.  They were followed by Briggs, Nance and Dean.

It was fantastic to have both sets […]

26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T13:35:41+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

This week we were honoured to receive a rare donation to our Archives. This blazer is historically significant for its link to Horton College (1855-1892), which was the inspiration for the establishment of the Methodist Ladies’ College, continuing as Scotch Oakburn College.

The blazer was worn by Albert Robert Bacon as a student at Horton College in 1892. It has been generously donated to the College by his granddaughter’s (Jenny Weston, dec.) husband (Warren Weston). The blazer provides a greater connection to the early foundations of Scotch Oakburn College.

We thank Mr Weston for his very generous and […]

26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T13:17:43+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Junior School|

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to every student who swam at Wednesday’s Junior School Swimming Carnival. All Year 2 students had their first Carnival experience in a lunchtime block on the day’s program. All Years 3-5 students represented their House in a number of events throughout the full-day program. The quality of swimming, the determination to achieve personal bests, the courage to ‘give it a go’ for the House Team, the sense of House spirit and the encouragement of teammates were all features of a wonderful Carnival. Every swimmer earned points towards their House’s overall total […]

26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T12:30:09+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Middle School|

Fire up the Learning within!

Leadership development takes place through multiple mechanisms…formal instructions, set work tasks/challenges, 360-degree feedback, executive coaching, and self-directed learning to name a few.  These approaches may occur independently but are far more effective in combination.

So how do we achieve this with our Middle School learners?  An example of these mechanisms and a definite highlight this week was the ‘learning buzz’ around the Year 7 Leadership Development Program, coached and enabled by Mr Bo Power and Mr Simon Dray.

Students analysed the ‘key ingredients’ to leadership.  Including:

  • Celebrating Diversity (embracing diverse ideas and thinking),
  • Clear […]
26 02, 2021


2021-02-26T12:43:31+11:0026 February, 2021|Categories: Senior School|

Respect: First Impressions and Lasting Reputation

Respect is something that encompasses many behaviours and considerations in daily college life. The Scotch Oakburn Learner Attributes are fast becoming part of the language of the college and many of these are key dispositions that we all aim to develop if we hope to show respect to the people and the environment that we spend our days in. Collaborative cooperation when working with others, compassion towards those in the community who may be in need, ethical consideration when making choices and decisions, inclusion of all […]

19 02, 2021


2021-02-19T12:37:10+11:0019 February, 2021|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

At Scotch Oakburn Belonging and Inclusivity are two of our College Values, Inclusive and Ethical are two of the Learner Attributes and Appreciation of Diversity is one of the Round Square Discoveries. These dispositions that we promote demonstrate how important it is to the Scotch Oakburn community that we are always learning to embrace and celebrate difference. Differences in our community that are related to ethnicity, cultural and social background, religion, language, ability and gender provide for a richer learning experience for all of us.

Part of our teaching and learning about […]

19 02, 2021


2021-02-19T14:20:33+11:0019 February, 2021|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

How do Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity influence education?

We would be delighted for you to join Scotch Oakburn College Principal, Andy Muller, for an informative conversation as he launches the College’s 15-year Strategic Vision and Facility Masterplan which will set the tone and framework for the future.

Learn about the development of the Scotch Oakburn College Learner Profile and recognition of learner attributes beyond current academic performance measures (eg. NAPLAN, ATAR).

Find out how wellbeing, community, strategic partnerships and the College’s growth plans inform this conversation.

A partnership event with the Launceston Chamber of […]

19 02, 2021


2021-02-19T11:54:53+11:0019 February, 2021|Categories: Junior School|

Education Outdoors

Over these last two weeks Year 5 and Year 4 students have been on Education Outdoors programs at the Valley Campus.

As well as being a very exciting experience these programs prioritise personal development learning, collaborative skill development and learning about the environment. A Valley Campus experience introduces in a concentrated 2 or 3 or 4-day program all of the Learner Attributes which are foundation stones for student learning and wellbeing in every aspect of their school lives. Agility, collaboration, compassion, courage, curiosity, effective communication, ethical behaviour, inclusion, innovation and self-regulation are all in the spotlight as staff and students […]