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15 05, 2020

Thank you to our Board of Directors

2020-05-15T12:56:04+10:0015 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

It is in unusual times or times of crisis that organisations and businesses rely significantly on their leadership and governance structures for support and guidance. This is no different for Scotch Oakburn College which has relied, more so recently than perhaps over the majority of its history, on its Executive and Board of Directors to provide that support during this global COVID-19 pandemic.

Scotch Oakburn College is an independent association and not for profit charity. Whilst the College operates from an ethos and pastoral perspective in association with the Uniting Church in Australia, […]

15 05, 2020

From the Junior School

2020-05-15T12:17:05+10:0015 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School|

Reading to Children

The importance of adults reading to young children is often talked about and there is a wealth of research around the topic.

A research partnership between the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research found the following results:

‘The frequency of reading to children at a young age has a direct causal effect on their schooling outcomes.

  • Reading to children at age 4-6 every day has a significant positive effect on their reading skills and cognitive skills (i.e., language and literacy, numeracy and cognition) later in life.
  • Reading to […]
15 05, 2020

From the Senior School

2020-05-15T12:10:55+10:0015 May, 2020|Categories: Senior School|

p-learning day – Week 4

A reminder that the next p-learning day is on Thursday 21 May with the Vertical Tutor group session at 9am.  All students will need to do their EI Pulse Survey during their VTG session.  This data is invaluable for the College to monitor individual student wellbeing and also to give a snapshot of how cohorts are tracking.  Also on the p-leaning day, students in Years 10,11 and 12 are lucky enough to be able to participate in the 45 minute Paul Dillon (drug and alcohol educator) session. Students will receive a link to this live Webinar […]

15 05, 2020

From the Middle School

2020-05-15T12:59:38+10:0015 May, 2020|Categories: Middle School|

Year 7 Art

This term 7X Art students will be working on laser cut paper cut artwork, which replaces the Lino printmaking project. This is Harry Newman’s design.



Year 6 Passion Projects

This term our Year 6 students are working on Passion Projects.  The aim of these projects is for our students to learn something new or to do something they have always wanted to do.  Students will gain new skills, knowledge and understanding about things that are important to them while demonstrating their capacity to learn and share their knowledge with others. […]

14 05, 2020

House Virtual Talent Quest

2020-05-15T13:03:48+10:0014 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

Click the image to view the showcase of entries

As you may know, each year we have an Inter-House Talent Show where students show off their incredible skills to win some coveted House points. Due to the current circumstances, we moved the competition online for Scotch Oakburn’s Inaugural Virtual Talent Show. We even changed the scoring system to be based around the number of entries submitted by each House.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. Watching them made us miss seeing you all around the campus and we […]

14 05, 2020

Human Nature

2020-05-14T15:30:38+10:0014 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

A plane crashes on a desert island, and the only survivors are a bunch of British schoolboys. Things seem to go well at the start as the boys try to get organised, survive and have fun in the absence of adults. But then (some may say predictably) things start to degenerate. Certain boys are singled out and picked on. Tribalism, intimidation, peer pressure and bullying take hold, and by the time a British Naval officer steps ashore to rescue the boys, the island has been burnt to the ground and three boys are dead.

You probably recognise the story as the […]

14 05, 2020

Round Square Postcards Zooming Around the World

2020-05-14T15:28:22+10:0014 May, 2020|Categories: Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

On Wednesday Scotch Oakburn’s Round Square Chairs, in collaboration with Mr Mark Munnings, ran the first session of the “Round Square Postcards Zooming Around the World” initiative. This involves different Round Square schools from across the globe each hosting a zoom call on the topic of their choice.

Last week we put out a call for students to send us a video of them getting out in their backyard, whether it was exercising, playing with the dog or just spending some time in the fresh air and we collated into a video.

During […]

14 05, 2020

Paul Dillon – Drug and Alcohol Education

2020-05-15T13:01:37+10:0014 May, 2020|Categories: Senior School|

As the social restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic are withdrawn, the potential for harms associated with alcohol and other drugs may increase. Our adolescents have been isolated for months and hence the temptation to “party big ” will be, for some, very strong. For others, the change in environment and coping with stress, anxiety or negativity may lead to the temptation to use alcohol or substances to cope.

As we are committed to providing up to date drug and alcohol information to our students, our annual sessions with Paul Dillon from DARTA […]

14 05, 2020

Place chores roster at the top of your coronavirus ‘to do’ list

2020-05-14T15:12:51+10:0014 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

Author: Michael Grose


The current coronavirus inspired social isolation policy means kids have more time at home. That means there’s more mess, more untidiness and more food to prepare.

It’s reasonable to expect kids to clean up after themselves, sweep floors, wipe benches, wash dishes or empty dishwashers and also contribute in age appropriate ways to meal preparation. At Parenting Ideas we believe that this type of help should happen all the time, and not be reserved for special times when parents really need some help.

Why kids should help at home

There are several compelling reasons why kids should help at home. […]

8 05, 2020

Are leaders born or are they made?

2020-05-08T12:13:57+10:008 May, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

Are leaders born or are they made?   This question has been inspired from the Round Square IDEAL of leadership.

During COVID-19, there has been significant impacts and consequences upon our society.  However, have you noticed examples of leadership?  Do you think that they (the person or people) were born with the leadership genetics or have they trained themselves, in fact, practised for a moment to ‘lead’?  What I am most interested in, is the leadership growth of students.

How can we learn to lead better?

How can we lead better from the experience and advice of others?

How can Scotch Oakburn College continue to […]