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10 09, 2019

Junior Foundation Oratory

2019-09-13T09:33:43+10:0010 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

Five Middle School students bravely took part in this year’s Junior Foundation Oratory as a chance to practise their public speaking skills and they did a sterling job!  Held in the Horton Auditorium on Friday, 30 August, Year 7 students Maya Martin and Eliza Chapman and Year 8’s Hamish Fyffe, Amelie Hughes and Sasha Yuvchenko faced a large audience of staff and students to speak on current issues they felt passionate about.  Adjudicators had a difficult task but eventually chose Amelie Hughes to be the winner.

Many thanks to our adjudicators: Mrs […]

10 09, 2019

Blessing of the animals

2019-09-13T09:45:19+10:0010 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|


On Wednesday, 25 September we will be holding a ‘Blessing of the Animals’ Chapel Service at the Penquite Campus. Reverend Chris Duxbury will preside over the service and two guest speakers will speak with students about their work in rescuing, caring for and re-homing animals in need.

Dr Andrew Byrne, Chief Veterinarian from the RSPCA and Rachel Beech from the registered charity Just Cats, a no-kill cat rescue shelter will be sharing their stories. Our students will also be encouraged to provide a picture of the loved animals in their lives and […]

9 09, 2019

Managing your child’s anxiety

2019-09-13T10:15:28+10:009 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

Author: Michael Grose


If your child feels anxious, reassure them that these feelings are a normal response to new people, events or potentially challenging situations. Help your child understand that there is a great deal they can do to manage their anxious feelings, so they can get on with the activities they enjoy.

Explain anxiety

If your child is anxious he may struggle to explain how he feels. An important first step in anxiety self-management is explaining to your child how anxiety works.

  • Teach your child that the part of the brain that protects them from danger (the amygdala – pronounced ahh-mig-dah-la), […]
8 09, 2019

Community news

2019-09-13T13:27:10+10:008 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

We are pleased to provide a community news section in our news highlighting events in the wider Launceston community that may be of interest to families. Included this week:

  • Clifford Craig Run & Walk for your heart
  • NBL Blitz Tasmania – NBL games come to Tasmania

Go to Community News


6 09, 2019

Principal’s Message Term 3 Week 7

2019-09-06T14:29:39+10:006 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

Round Square and ATAR – what’s the connection?

Round Square and its IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service) are a theme that runs through our College. Some may not always realise that what they are involved in, their learning and various activities, are Round Square related but in many cases they are.

There are the more obvious events, such as conferences and exchanges, but there are so many more elements of our programs where the IDEALS are present and so provide connections through our curriculum, both across subject areas and between […]

6 09, 2019


2019-09-06T15:52:14+10:006 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School|

The young worms we call “Eric” at the worm farm in the Junior School are creating some amazing by-products at the moment. The Junior School students and the Boarding House kitchen are currently diverting 15kg of food waste each day out of our general waste system. The team of “Eric’s” are creating approx 3 litres of worm wee each day that some of our Year 5 students are bottling. The Year 5 students are getting ready to distribute these during the Sustainability Pop-Up Day, Wednesday 25 September from 12.00pm till 2.00pm. […]

6 09, 2019

Junior Rowing Meeting

2019-09-06T09:03:23+10:006 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

Junior rowing coaches and I would like to invite interested students in Years 6-8 and their parents to attend a Junior Rowing meeting on Wednesday 11 September in the Horton Auditorium commencing at 6.00pm. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce coaches to the rowing group and outline the season ahead for 2019-2020.

New students interested in commencing rowing as a summer sport in Term 4 are most welcome to attend.

If could you have any questions and or would like to attend, please RSVP by Tuesday 10 September 2019 to rowing@soc.tas.edu.au.

Jamie […]

6 09, 2019

Spring Concert

2019-09-06T08:55:21+10:006 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

On Tuesday 10 September at 7.00pm the annual Spring Concert will be held in the Horton Auditorium.

The concert will feature large and small ensembles from the College’s Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. As well as the concert bands, stage bands, jazz band, string ensembles and choirs, the concert will also showcase the talents of the College’s musicians in small ensembles.

Hosted by the College’s Music Captains Anneliese Gulliver and Quinn O’Loughlin, the night promises to be yet another highlight on the College’s Arts calendar. Please join us as the College’s talented students present […]

5 09, 2019

What is service?

2019-09-06T14:16:23+10:005 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School|

Year 5 students, led by 5 Cullen, challenged us all to consider the question, ‘What acts of service will you do today?’ as the focus of their Connect@Elphin this week.

The Round Square Ideal of ‘Service’ is embedded in much of everyday school learning experiences for all Scotch Oakburn students but is also a particular focus for Year 5 each year. Every Year 5 student, whether individually, in a pair or in a small group, undertakes a planned Service Project under the mentorship of their class teachers and Mr Ben Green who coordinates learning through the Round Square Discovery Framework in […]

5 09, 2019

Year 6 Science Investigations

2019-09-06T09:52:27+10:005 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School|

Throughout the end of Term 2 and start of Term 3, Year 6 conducted their own science investigations. This process required us to write a scientific report on a topic of our choosing. Students worked by themselves or in pairs to come up with a question/aim to investigate by following the scientific method.

These investigations were displayed on project boards that we designed to present our results. The projects studied a huge range of topics and were required to cover a variety of aspects.

Mr Ian Britcliffe and Ms Kyla Thorp judged our investigations, […]