2 April, 2024


Deeply ingrained in the College’s traditions lies the House system. More than an organisational structure, this system helps to give students a sense of identity, belonging, and community.

This article delves into this enduring legacy, uncovering the myriad ways it benefits and supports students.

The House system, encompassing Briggs, Dean, Fox, and Nance, serves as a cornerstone for student integration and development. From their first steps on campus, students find a welcoming community within their House, a place where they’re not just known, valued and cared for, but celebrated for their uniqueness.

It plays an important role in laying the foundation for an inclusive and interconnected school community. In the Junior School, the House system takes on a tangible form during the spirited sporting carnivals that bring together students, staff, and families in an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie.

These events are not about winning or losing; they are foundational experiences that foster teamwork and community spirit from an early age. The colours of Briggs, Dean, Fox, and Nance become badges of honour, and the cheers echo through the air as students proudly represent their Houses in various athletic pursuits.

As students progress to the Middle School, the system’s reach expands, embracing cultural and academic facets. It reflects the holistic approach to education at Scotch Oakburn College, where the development of character, leadership, and a sense of community are paramount.

The Deputy House Heads, a dedicated team of passionate staff, play a pivotal role in supporting and fostering the unique House cultures within the Middle School, ensuring everyone feels valued and included.

In the Senior School, the House system seamlessly integrates into the broader pastoral structure, becoming a cornerstone of the students’ overall experience, and becoming a daily aspect of student life.

A student’s Mentor, a guiding figure throughout their Senior School journey, is affiliated with the same House, creating a web of interconnectedness that strengthens the fabric of House culture. This alignment ensures continuity in students’ school experience, providing a stable backdrop for their personal and academic growth.

Each House Head brings a unique perspective to their role, emphasising the system’s impact on identity formation, leadership development, inclusivity, and the celebration of diversity. Their insights underscore the system’s role in not just academic success, but in shaping well-rounded, empathetic individuals.

Ultimately, the House system at Scotch Oakburn College goes beyond competition; it is a living, breathing entity that shapes the culture and ethos of the entire College. It serves as a microcosm of the College community, where students learn the values of teamwork, leadership, and camaraderie that extend far beyond the academic realm.

The House system provides a framework for mentorship, support, and personal growth, creating a foundation for lifelong connections and a deep sense of pride in being a part of the Scotch Oakburn College community.

Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal – Penquite