• Full time class teachers

  • Dedicated Literacy Support teachers

  • No composite classes

  • Small class sizes

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In the primary school years, inquiry-based learning in small, single-year classes, is supported by a large team of Learning Support staff as well as additional in-class Literacy and Numeracy specialists for core subjects, to ensure all students are supported, challenged and fully extended. Embraced within a safe, secure and caring community, and nourished through a comprehensive pastoral care program, students build a true love of learning on the beautiful Junior School campus.

Learning experiences in the Arts, Science, Languages, Humanities, Education Outdoors and a wide range of co-curricular activities are dynamic and challenging. Robotics, Mathematics Olympiad, Tasmanian Science Talent Search, Tournament of the Minds, LIVE@Elphin assemblies, Round Square conferences, Readers’ Cup, Launceston Competitions, Chess, ArtStart, Creative Writing and multiple sports are just the tip of a learning pyramid in which the talents and interests of your child are nurtured and extended. A key feature of our outstanding Music curriculum is a comprehensive, integrated instrumental program across all ages (instruments provided) as well as a plethora of choirs, bands and ensembles to meet every capability.

Learning expectations and standards are high. The cutting-edge, technology-rich learning facilities in the Junior School are complemented by excursions to Helix and the Wetlands at Penquite – all are central to preparing young learners for their transition to the Middle School in Year 6 and to their futures in the global community. The widely acclaimed conneXions learning hub, HPEC@Elphin, the Art Studio, music centre, outdoor playgrounds, pool and Claremont Garden are learning spaces that complement the stimulating contemporary classrooms and contribute to this being a very special place for our students to grow and learn.

Mia Green – Year 5 

Our students learn in innovative indoor/outdoor learning spaces, with future focussed technologies to support their achievements

 – Lachie Wright, Head of Junior School

Jamon Dingemanse – Teacher

Junior School parent – Libby Newman

Year 1

The caring and supportive environment that our Scotch Oakburn College Year 1 learning community provides is an ideal start to full-time school for young learners who are bursting to read and write, to discover and explore, and to share their thinking with their friends and classmates.

With a focus on a love of learning, our students explore the thrill and wonder of a rich environment of words.  Literacy, including a focus on reading through sounds and connecting vocabulary to digital mediums, as well as through real-world adventures, provides the launch pad for developing fluency and confidence with all communication.

Scotch Oakburn College operates single-year-level classes only and is committed to small class sizes. Additional Literacy and Numeracy specialists also join every classroom for those subjects, as well as Learning Support staff and Teacher Aides (all in addition to the full-time class teacher) to guarantee no child is left unchallenged or unsupported in these key learning areas.

In Year 1, there is a unique connection to Claremont Garden, the Wetlands and Scotch Oakburn Park, allowing students to connect with nature, explore their real world questions and make future plans for caring for our world.  The learning of Chinese with a specialist Mandarin language teacher continues from Prep and opens doors to the world beyond.  The joy of music and movement are also embedded in the lives of young learners at Scotch Oakburn College with many age-appropriate opportunities to learn, play and perform across a wide range of instruments and informal ensembles.  Fostering curiosity in the minds of our young learners is at the forefront of every day’s planning; students love to connect to their local community and enjoy many enthralling field trips to spaces around greater Launceston to uncap the big concepts. Live@Elphin and Connect@Elphin provide the gentlest of introductions to public speaking and presentation with classes regularly enjoying the thrill of sharing their learning with their peers and parents.

Year 1 ‘Home’ classes have their own full-time class teachers who provide the special connection and pastoral care that engenders the confidence and creativity to take risks and open minds. Year 1 is an absolutely enchanting time of discovery and learning, and at Scotch Oakburn College we warmly encourage our parents and carers to get involved in the joy of this age and stage through the many opportunities provided at the College…because quite simply, it’s just too good to miss!

Year 2 and 3

The Scotch Oakburn College Year 2 and 3 students enjoy a beautiful setting that includes the historic ‘Lemana’ and ‘Stables’ and is surrounded by hundred-year-old oak trees and extensive gardens and play equipment. In this stimulating and caring environment, students also have opportunities to further develop their critical thinking and collaborative learning skills in the technology-rich spaces of the Lemana Café and Recording Studio and nearby conneXions.

Appropriate class sizes with single year level classes allow teachers to focus on personalising learning for each child. A central focus is the consolidation and extension of early years Literacy and Numeracy skills; student learning is strongly led by the class teacher as well as an additional specialist Literacy and Numeracy teacher for these subjects to ensure no child remains unchallenged or unsupported. Learning Support teachers and Teacher Aides are in addition to the class teacher and Literacy/Numeracy specialist.

Subject-specific specialist teachers support the work of class teachers in Learning Technologies, 21st Century Literacy, WeDo Lego/Coding, Global Learning, Chinese, Visual Art, Drama, Music, and Health and Physical Education. Enrichment programs add an exciting edge to learning as students develop their personal interests and passions.

A contemporary research-based teaching and learning approach is designed to develop inquiry skills, deeper understanding, and learning connections for future academic growth.

The qualities of applying and analysing opinions, evaluating solutions and creating new or original ideas are ‘keys’ to this Year 2 and 3 environment.

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are important components of the curriculum. The Kitchen Garden Program and facilities such as the Valley Campus Education Outdoors and Environmental Centre, Scotch Oakburn Park, the adjacent Wetlands as well as Claremont Garden and Park, all provide exceptional learning opportunities in this field.

As a member of the Round Square organisation, students enjoy many global citizenship opportunities and experiences. The Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service are embedded in life and learning for all our students and provide an exceptional additional layer to our holistic education.

All students’ thinking and learning processes are showcased by them to their parents and carers in private Student Led Conferences during
Term 3 – these are wonderful evenings where every student’s pride in his and her learning is both palpable and inspirational. Every child’s personal learning journey is celebrated, as they demonstrate to the people who mean the most to them, just how far they have come.

Year 4 and 5

Year 4 and Year 5 is a celebration of learning and leadership in the Scotch Oakburn College learning environment. Students are still in small, single-year-level classes, with the class teacher supported by additional specialist Literacy and Numeracy teachers as well as Learning Support teachers and Teacher Aides. As our Year 4 and 5 students grow, we continue to deliver the mandatory Australian Curriculum content; however, the pedagogy used to deliver it focuses on developing, consolidating and extending independent learning skills through close links with the Round Square IDEALS.

A continued engagement with Live@Elphin and Connect@Elphin assemblies and services provides a wealth of opportunities to share learning, lead discussion and become the catalysts for community change. IGNITE@Elphin provides fantastic, multi-age, project-based learning opportunities that unite students through common learning interests rather than year levels. The opportunity for cross-campus learning, using spaces like Helix, the Middle School Da Vinci Studios, Scotch Oakburn Park and the Wetlands are all important to our students becoming comfortable and well prepared for their learning beyond the Junior School and the Elphin Campus.

Some of the highlights of Year 4 include the Robotics and Coding program, which inspires and engages students in creative problem solving, computer programming and cooperative work skills. The Instrumental Music program begins in Year 4 and all students select and learn an instrument, and can also join the Junior School Band or various choirs and ensembles. Participating in interschool sport and further opportunities in Education Outdoors and Visual Art round out just a few of the burgeoning opportunities in this year level.

In addition to the delivery of extensive pastoral, curricular and co-curricular programs, leadership development is a key focus in Year 5. Students lead Grandparents and Friends Day, embrace a multitude of Peer Leadership opportunities, and apply for many Round Square leadership conferences and IDEALS group committees. In addition, students in Year 5 design and lead their own community service project for the benefit of our local community. The Scotch Oakburn College Year 5 Leadership program is unique as it nurtures personal confidence, resilience and inter-personal skills, and prepares students in their transition to Year 6 and the Middle School.