YEAR 6, 7 & 8


Our state-of-the-art Middle School facility for Years 6, 7 and 8 students has been designed specifically to meet the learning needs of the young adolescent. Spacious, ‘core’ classrooms with modern ‘break-out’ spaces compliment the light-filled communal areas, café and sporting facilities. With access to specialist Senior School facilities, such as Helix, the Music School and Scotch Oakburn Park, our Middle School students have the very best of both worlds. It is a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students develop their identity and a strong sense of belonging in a space dedicated specifically to their welfare.

Our innovative pastoral and learning programs in the Middle School are based on contemporary educational research and best practice educational frameworks from around the world. In the Middle School, our belief is that our young people need active learning programs specifically designed to meet their diverse needs. We encourage our students to experiment, take risks, be innovative, problem solve, work collaboratively and think critically and creatively.

In the Scotch Oakburn Middle School, students are full partners in the learning process. We place great emphasis on a positive learning culture where each student knows that they are accepted, safe and understood.

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Morgan Stone – Middle School student

We place great emphasis on a positive learning culture where each student knows that they are accepted, safe and understood.

 – Julie Kemp, Head of Middle School

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Middle School teacher – Andrew Robinson

Year 6

Life as a Year 6 student at Scotch Oakburn College is a mixture of known and comforting pastoral care structures, such as a class teacher for all core subjects, together with some different and exciting opportunities to empower students to be creative, self-directed and innovative.

Year 6 students belong to a class, a House and a Tutor Group which gives three levels of pastoral care and a range of friendships and connections can be made across the school, which are often ones they will cherish for a lifetime.

Learning in Year 6 is experienced via a series of integrated units encompassing Humanities, English and Maths to allow students to learn in an inter-connected, meaningful and realistic manner. Allowing students to learn in this way lets them become self-directed and reflective about their understandings. The facilities for Year 6 classes enable teachers to teach their classes independently or combine classes and team-teach to facilitate for small group learning opportunities and further differentiation and extension possibilities.

Year 6 students also explore a range of specialist subjects which, when possible, are integrated into their core learning opportunities. Students have specialist teachers for Science, Music, Chinese, Japanese, French, Physical Education, Visual Art, and Education Outdoors, which provides them with a range of exciting new opportunities from dedicated and talented professionals in their field.

There are many exciting curriculum integration programs and enrichment programs that run in Year 6, such as our camp to Narawantapu National Park, Tournament of the Minds, The Middle School Arts Evening, Write a book in a Day, Inter-School Debating Championships, and The Canberra Trip which all contribute to the students’ holistic education and allow all students an opportunity to shine.

Scotch Oakburn firmly believes that Year 6 students are worthy of the specialist stimulus, curriculum engagement and leadership opportunities that come from being valuable members of the Middle School. With only three year levels on this campus, our Year 6s benefit from extremely personalised pastoral and academic care. Learning is tailor-made for the age and stage, it is constantly adapting to world’s best practice and staff are available and accessible in a more intimate locale to ensure that every child feels acknowledged and valued.

Year 7 and 8

At Scotch Oakburn College, Year 7 and Year 8 students move into Australian Curriculum secondary school content but have the reassurance and support of specialised early adolescent learning programs, facilities and leadership opportunities designed and guided by our passionate and professional staff. A full array of co-curricular, enrichment and Education Outdoors opportunities are available to students at this stage and they also have the advantage of access to the exceptional facilities in the Senior School, such as Helix, the Music School and Scotch Oakburn Park.

Year 7 students work in core classes for the majority of their academic subjects. Core teaching teams are responsible for the academic and pastoral care of their core class and these core teaching teams meet regularly, which allows the opportunity to share information and collaborate on teaching, learning and pastoral matters. The students study their choice of two from three languages at this stage and engage in a number of different projects throughout the year, including Quest through the Decades and SOC2City. Both of these inquiry-based projects are integrated and cross-curricular. Students are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with others, work independently, manage their time effectively and problem solve.

During Quest through the Decades the students recover information from a decade in the 20th Century. In doing so, the students create a rich portfolio of the past, which assists them to make future predictions for the lives and success of generations to come.

SOC2City takes learning beyond the classroom and into a real-life learning environment as the entire year group spend the week in the city of Launceston in small working groups. This innovative, interdisciplinary learning program allows students to develop skills such as critical thinking, communication, curiosity and self-awareness. Students use research and existing knowledge to submit a tender to Council to redevelop an urban space, offering options and solutions, which in an innovative way, contribute to the Council’s ability to make Launceston more liveable.

In Year 8 the students also work in core classes but have a number of elective subjects in which classes are mixed. The electives include subjects such as Applied Technology, Forensic Investigations, Computer Applications, Performing Theatre, Dance, Get SmArt, Café 8, Digital Media and a second language should they wish.

Year 8 students also participate in Cows Create Careers, a practical, hands on learning experience whereby the students learn how to raise a cow from farm to market. They also learn about conservation practices, farm specifics and the robotic dairy.

Inspire Year 8 (IY8) is a key learning opportunity for Year 8.  It is an independent research project on a topic of the student’s choice.  With the aid of a mentor, the emphasis is on the journey rather than the final product, developing problem-solving and time management skills and fostering independent learning.