Seizing Every Opportunity


31 July, 2023


College Co-captain, Hamish Fyffe, was asked to speak to families thinking of enrolling their children at Scotch Oakburn College.

This is a condensed version of what he had to say:  

Arriving at Scotch Oakburn in Year 7 from West Launceston Primary, I remember walking in on my first day and thinking “everyone looks so smart!” I soon learned that the standards and expectations of learners at Scotch Oakburn were high but were also supported by an incredible group of teachers who would guide us in reaching our goals. Scotch Oakburn is for anyone with a passion for working hard, trying new things, and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

My experiences at the College have been memorable ones. From Education Outdoors to amazing Round Square conferences, I have been surrounded by a plethora of great learning opportunities. These opportunities continue now in Year 12 as I look forward to going to Japan in the July holidays, another prospect that I am extremely grateful for.

Scotch Oakburn students who work hard, reap rewards. Students who apply themselves find great success in following their passions. The College makes learning fun, as it should be. In Year 7, SOC2City was a highlight. This was an innovative and interdisciplinary learning journey that allowed us to move out of the classroom for a week and learn from a new perspective while being in and around the city of Launceston.

In Year 8, ‘Inspire Year 8’, or IY8 stands out for me. This was a challenging and rewarding experience where we investigated an issue important to us that linked in with one or more of the Round Square IDEALS.

In Year 10, we had the opportunity to be leaders on Middle and Junior School camps. We guided younger students on their exciting outdoor adventures.

A major highlight was competing in the Australian Rowing Championships at Lake Barrington in Year 10. The week at the Nationals was a rare experience that I will treasure for a long time and appreciate as I look back on my school rowing career.

I have involved myself in a range of co-curricular activities including Football, Rowing, Basketball, Athletics, Cross Country, Public Speaking and Debating. I have also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award and am currently completing my Gold Award. It is a testament to the quality and range of opportunities Scotch Oakburn students are afforded that I can participate in all these experiences.

My time here at Scotch Oakburn has prepared me to enter the world as an independent adult once I graduate. The College Values of Commitment, Compassion, Courage, Respect and Responsibility, along with the Learner Attributes of being Agile, Collaborative, Compassionate, Courageous, Curious, Effective Communicator, Ethical, Inclusive, Innovative and Self-regulating are pillars of moral guidance that help me become the best version of myself.

The Futures Centre staff play an invaluable role for Senior School students, especially Year 11 and 12, as we find ourselves moving through our final years of secondary schooling. I hope to study Law at university next year and the staff at the Futures Centre have been brilliant with helping me with subject selections, university applications, scholarship openings and gap year opportunities.

If I were to offer advice to new families, I would recommend fully embracing the Scotch Oakburn community. It comprises remarkable and inclusive individuals who genuinely support one another’s success and happiness. College events provide opportunities to engage and connect with new people, fostering enduring relationships.

My time here at Scotch Oakburn has been an amazing experience and one I owe to my parents, teachers, friends and other staff and students who have made it so memorable – it is a time I will cherish for life.

Hamish Fyffe
Year 12