The Round Square Committee annually supports the College’s participation in the World’s Greatest Shave, an initiative that raises funds for Australians facing blood cancer. It’s a fundraiser set up by the Leukaemia Foundation, a charity that helps people in Australia with any kind of blood cancer. The charity is made up of people living with blood cancer themselves, carers, healthcare professionals, researchers, specialists, and an army of supporters. People participating in the World’s Greatest Shave means the Leukaemia Foundation can continue to help people with blood cancer to not only survive but thrive. Fundraising goes towards support services, funding blood cancer research and campaigning for change at a government level.

This cancer is one that flies a little under the radar in terms of awareness. But even though it’s not as well recognised, it’s actually the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Blood cancer refers to cancers affecting the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. It happens when normal blood cell production is interrupted by the uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell. This uncontrolled growth can reduce the bone marrow’s ability to produce normal levels of other blood cells, like red blood cells and platelets. This affects how the body functions.  Blood cancer is a difficult disease, as it can’t be prevented or screened for.

On Friday 14 June, Scotch Oakburn College held a World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser. We had three people shaving their heads: Year 11 students Alex Purchase and Jay Hevey, and teacher, Robert Bastick. Additionally, a number of students waxed their legs and three students cut their hair: Lingitha Ponnusamy (Year 12), Saskia Boden (Year 11) and Charlotte Oates Pryor (Year 12). The World’s Greatest Shave is of Australia’s longest-running fundraisers, now in its 26th year. The Round Square Committee and Year 8 Peer Leaders also held a bake sale to support the cause, with all donations adding up to more than $5700.

This is a great example of Scotch Oakburn students living out one of the key IDEALS of Round Square, specifically, Service.


Ella Wong, Tilly Legro, Pranav Sundaram, Ely Elizita Da Costa
Student Round Square Service Sub-Committee