Term 2 Week 4 – Friday 24 May 2024


Recently, like many in our community, I had the pleasure of witnessing our talented Middle School students perform in our Middle School Production, James and the Giant Peach.

It was clear to all that the chemistry and support witnessed on stage did not happen by chance. Our cast and crew have been working tirelessly since March and since then, they dedicated countless hours after school, on weekends, and even during the recent school holidays to bring this production to life. Throughout this journey, they have grown significantly, both individually and as a team. They regularly challenged one another, expressed their creativity, and shared many highs and lows together.

Their hard work culminated in the joy of performing several wonderful sessions over three days, creating what can only be described as a “Middle School Production family”. This Production family, strengthened by the unwavering support of our caring staff and senior student leaders, participated in an experience they will cherish forever. The camaraderie and sense of belonging they developed are testaments to their dedication and passion.

Our cast and crew of James and the Giant Peach have been an inspiration to us all, especially during what is always a busy start to the year. They have shown us the value of hard work, staying connected, and looking out for one another. Their journey and the resulting performances remind us of the importance of engaging in one’s passions, community connectedness and perseverance.

On behalf of the Scotch Oakburn College community, I extend our heartfelt thanks and applause to everyone involved in this year’s production. You have not only entertained us but also demonstrated the true spirit of collaboration and support. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Ross Patterson


Deputy Principal – Elphin, Ben Green, shares some highlights of the Term so far for the Elphin Campus.


This week I’d like to take a moment to address an issue that has recently come to our attention regarding online safety within our school community. It has been brought to our notice that a social media user, using the handle alexsmith1065, has been making inappropriate comments on the College’s social media platforms, particularly targeting our students.

Whilst the College has blocked this account and notified the Police, this individual has “friended” many of our students on social media platforms, raising concerns about the potential for harmful relationships to form. While we are closely monitoring this situation, this serves as a real world reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious when online, and for parents to actively monitor the online interactions of their children.

We want to emphasise the importance of not befriending individuals online whom you do not know in real life. While social media can be a great way to connect with friends and family, it also comes with risks, especially when it comes to interacting with strangers.

Recently I have spoken with our Senior and Middle School students about this matter, and it was encouraging that so many of our students came forward to share their concerns and provide helpful information.

As an accredited Child Safe school, students’ safety and wellbeing are our highest priorities, and we are committed to ensuring a safe online environment for everyone in our school community. To our students, if you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe online, you can reach out to trusted adults, such as parents or school staff, for support and guidance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and let’s continue to prioritise our safety both online and in the real world.

Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal Penquite and Safeguarding Lead 


Our College Wellbeing Priorities for 2024 identifies ‘sleep’ as an important contributor towards a child’s overall wellbeing.  Getting the right amount of sleep assists us to be able to self-regulate more effectively.  We can respond to our emotional state more positively and to situations in a more balanced yet flexible manner.

Recently, Year 1 – 5 students attended Sleep Education sessions, and a parent session was held, led by Sleep Scientist Samantha Bramich.  Topics covered as part of these sessions included:

– why we need sleep
– how much sleep is required
– what happens when we don’t get enough sleep

Students have been provided with a Sleep Diary today to fill in over the coming week.  The diary aims to consolidate what they have understood from the session and also assist students to become more aware of their sleep patterns and the strategies that support healthy sleep routines.

Thank you to Samantha for sharing her expert knowledge with our community about the importance of sleep.

Renee Hodgetts
Director, Wellbeung – Elphin


Students from Years 3-5 have recently enjoyed taking part in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge for 2024. Bebras is an international competition that brings together over 2.9 million students from 60 countries. It promotes students’ collaborative and problem-solving abilities as they work together to break down complex tasks into simpler components, design algorithms, recognise patterns, and generalise solutions.

Once again, students have achieved very well (below, plus many more)!

Year 5:

Certificate of Excellence: Luka U’Ren, Julia Reid and Elki Schelleman

Credit: Chloe Atkinson, Nicholas Abbott and Georgina Chilcott; Eliza Minster, Kimaya Maheshwar; Xavier Tu, Mabel Handbury and Hamish Woolley; Zeke Yang-Sun and Facundo Munoz Lagos

Year 4:

High Distinction: Tom Verbeeten and Jasmine Liu

Distinction: Ethan Wagner and Audrey Lin; Luca Stringer, Alice Barke and Xena Wang; Sophie Lim and Jude Batten; Jayden Athukorala and Percy Calvert; Mia d’Emden and Annabelle Heckendorf; Sophia Blom and Alice Westmore

Credit: Lucy Remnitz, Katie Hyde and Valentina de Deuge; Milla Deverell, Gabriella Barwick and Juliana Petrovic; Audrey Tso, Ella Kwong and Maddie Chea; Maisie Young; Harriet Carswell, Nola Chugg, Violet Burke and Alex Chong; Toby Morse, Abigail de Souza and Luke Gibbins; Estelle van der Aa, Minke Nel and Jesse Cooper; Samson Marshall and Ava Tuxworth; George Mitchell and Milla Walduck; Ash Poslon and Alice Westmore

Year 3:

Distinction: Violet Krapf and Katie Horsman

Credit: Eva Muir Wilson, Adelaide White and Phillip Yuvchenko; James Harley and Joey da Rocha Batalha; Clem Rogers, Charlie Wood and Max Tucker; Jack Spring, Robert Pilioras and Phoebe Hughes; Amal Mahmud, Audrey Harvey and Eva Wood; Oliver Nichlason, Otto Maxwell McGinn and Molly Kershaw; Campbell Allen and William Moore; Celeste Nickels and Charlie Brojta-Carmichael

Marissa Saville
Learning Technologies Teacher


The theme of this year’s Tasmanian Japanese Poster Competition was The Year of the Dragon.

Congratulations to Year 11 student Elise Kingston, winning first prize for the Year 11-12 category, and to all other students who entered this year’s competition. There were so many amazing entries!

Other finalists included, in Year 7- Year 10, Alyx Cetti, Meg de Deuge, Peggy Handbury and Lydia Paech, and in Year 6, Mya Derbyshire, Ruby Lewis and Sophie Anthony.

A special mention to all Year 6 students of Japanese for their participation in this competition.  Selection of finalists was a very difficult decision.  It is great to see learning going beyond the classroom.  The posters will be on display in the middle school in the coming weeks.  Please come and take a look.

Hayley McLeod
Teacher of Japanese 


The Scotch Oakburn College Annual Report for 2023 is now available online for those in our community who may may be interested in viewing. The report can be accessed via this link.


In Music, Year 7 students have enjoyed being innovators as they have engaged with a learning project, designing and creating their own unique musical instruments. Students applied their knowledge of the physics of sound, and different methods of sound production, to create a range of exciting and interesting instruments. Creativity and sustainability played an important role in the design and manufacture phases. The focus of the next stage of this project will be on composing original music, to be performed on these instruments.

Catherine Kroon


Year 9 students have been immersed in the Southern Tasmania Experience. Over three days, they discovered Tasmania’s convict past through stories that covered the experiences of men, women, children and ghosts at Port Arthur and Cascades Female Factory; they visited Parliament House, observing newly elected members of Tasmania’s Lower House alongside more familiar faces; and had close encounters with marine ecosystems at the Marine Discovery Centre. Throughout these opportunities, students have related to our history and environment in a unique way while demonstrating curiosity and courage.

While these experiences have undoubtedly provided a rich context for the Year 9 Humanities and Science content, it is the learning beyond the curriculum that makes the Southern Tasmania Experience both meaningful and memorable. Travelling with the same small group across three days enriches relationships among students, as well as between students and staff, while requiring students to self-regulate and to be compassionate, collaborative and agile. Experiential learning challenges young people in a supportive environment, providing them the opportunity to explore and enjoy new experiences. It is for this reason that students of Scotch Oakburn College, when asked to reflect on their time in Senior School, consistently rate the Southern Tasmania Experience as one of their highlights.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all the providers and tour guides who made the Southern Tasmania Experience so successful; in particular, we would like to thank all the staff who made the experience possible by accompanying the students.

Kate Gard and Katy McGuinness
Head of Science and Head of HASS


This year’s Senior Production has been announced – The Theory of Relativity. Auditions will commence next week. All information can be found on the College Productions Dash Page. The Theory of Relativity is a Song Cycle – a collection of songs/scenes all linked together by a common theme. With music and lyrics by Neil Bartram and a book by Brian Hill, creators of Broadway’s The Story of My Life, The Theory of Relativity offers a fascinating look into the unexpected connections among unrelated people.

The song cycle began after Neil Bartram and Brian Hill were invited to develop a show with the musical theatre students at Sheridan College in Toronto. While there was an opportunity to develop existing works further, the creators opted instead to write a show to which college-aged performers could relate on a more personal, direct level. Through interviews and conversations with the students, Neil and Brian were inspired by the shared human experiences that connect us all.

Andy Prideaux
Acting Head of Performing Arts


This week we celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime at the Elphin Campus. In conneXions, Prep Shaw and Early Learning Brown enjoyed engaging in a range of activities and experiences based around the book The Bowerbird Blues written by Aura Parker, assisted by some of our Year 12 leaders.

At 12:00 pm, Year 1 students participated in the official reading of the story by tuning in to the national live simulcast with over 2 million other children across Australia and New Zealand , where the author read the story and shared her tips on how to draw a bowerbird.  This celebration of stories and storytelling will continue in conneXions over the next fortnight, with students visiting with their buddy classes to explore making, writing, illustrating, reading and creating.

Laura Beaumont


Our annual Autumn Concert was held this week in the Horton Auditorium.

It was an evening of celebration as we were treated to performances by two of our contemporary bands along with our Pipes and Drums, Big Band, Concert Band, Clarinet Quartet, Stay Sharp and the Junior School Choir. We also had instrumental performances by Abel Lim (Violin) and Anna Yu (Pipa), on top of vocal solos from Isla Lifshen, Millie O’Sign, Georgette Wilks and Jack Duncan.

Special thanks to all the students who performed and their ensemble tutors for their tireless work and dedication to the Performing Arts Program.

If you missed out, I encourage you to come along to our Spring Concert next term.


Andy Prideaux
Acting Head of Performing Arts


This week all students in Years 5-12 were given the opportunity to attend a session with Daniel Merza. Daniel is a wellbeing and leadership specialist and speaks at many schools across Australia and Internationally.

With a key focus on mental health, emotional intelligence, resilience and coping strategies Daniel delivered some very engaging and energising sessions.

Daniel spoke of the “Five Monkeys” on our backs and how their presence impedes us academically and throughout life.

  1. Enzo the emotional monkey –The thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure” and those constant thoughts of self doubt. Daniel highlighted to our students that the most important words we will ever hear in our lives are the words that we say about ourselves to ourselves when we are by ourselves.
  2. Scooter the social monkey – The feels of peer pressure, fear of rejection and social disapproval
  3. Dizzy – the distracted monkey, interrupting our connectedness with others due to screens and living in the virtual world.
  4. Tyson – the tough monkey. Going through a tough time and needs to reach out for help but doesn’t. This drifts into loneliness and isolation
  5. Moi- The feelings of drifting around not setting goals and being disengaged.

Daniel taught the students some actionable strategies for tackling these monkeys and achieving success. Very importantly Daniel emphasised the importance of taking control of one’s life and responsibilities rather than allowing them to overwhelm or hinder personal growth.

If you are interested in learning more about Daniel and/or purchasing his book, you can find out more by following this link – Motivational Speaker in Sydney | Daniel Merza

Kylie Wolstencroft
Director of Wellbeing -Penquite


Our Boarding Captains, Lara Hoare and Harna Hugo, share a little about Boarding Week and their life in our boarding house.


Year 8 students of French were treated to a very special activity when the school hosted an escape game in French organised by the University of Melbourne.

Le Cambriolage (the Heist) came back to Tasmania, and we were treated to another excellent and entertaining task.

Students were challenged to find what was stolen and how, using clues, codes and their ingenuous sense of deduction. It was a good opportunity for our students to showcase their french vocabulary skills in an authentic context.

Each group of students investigated a cleverly packaged suitcase to understand and decipher clues in French so they could find what was stolen. The La Cambriolage van also played a role in the game, and was an enigma in itself.

This was quite a task and our students challenged themselves to solve the ingenious puzzles. They got very competitive, and it was great fun.

Thanks to the University of Melbourne and to Sarah and Bianca, the facilitators, who gave us this great special opportunity. C’était genial!

Fabrice Dauchez


Congratulations to all of our Dance and Drama students who performed at the recent Launceston Competitions. The results are listed below.

Open Monologue

  • Georgina Wilson: Third Place
  • Violet Haysom and Emily Wall: Highly Commended

 Year 7/8 Creative Dance

  • Year 8 Dance Class: Second Place
  • MS Dance Ensemble: Highly Commended

Year 10 Character Duo or Trio

  • Lucy Van de Aa, Meg Kilby and Jack Will: First Place
  • Amelie Donald and Isla Lifshen: Highly Commended

Year 9/10 Creative Dance: Year 9/10 Dance Class, Second Place

Open Creative Dance: SS Dance Ensemble Highly Commended

Year 10 Monologues

  • Maki Fulton: Second
  • Amelie Donald: Third
  • Lexi Oliver: Highly Commended

Year 9 Character Duo or Trio

  • Isla Irani, Ivy Lynch and Macie Peterwood: First Place
  • Kirri Piper and Lily Finlay: Second
  • William Ayre and Declan Cocker: Third
  • Annabelle Sanzaro, Eva Cetti and Rose Talbot: Highly Commended

Judges Special Award: Most Outstanding Item in Secondary

Isla Irani, Ivy Lynch and Macie Peterwood, for their Character Trio ‘Girls Like That’.


Andy Prideaux
Acting Head of Performing Arts


Continuing with our program of showcasing the Tasmanian Symphiony Orchestra, our next screening will be on Friday 31 May, 6:00 pm in the Horton Auditorium. This week the conecert will go for approximately one hour. Jazz meets orchestra when silky-toned Olivia Chindamo performs the vocal honours in a piece penned by her father, Joe Chindamo. Fantaskatto is a masterclass of scat singing, bringing improvised vocal instrumentalising to the orchestra for a unique and scintillating performance.

Framing Joe Chindamo’s classic-in-the-making are two established classics of American music. ‘Times Square’ by Leonard Bernstein captures the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, while Catfish Rowby George Gershwin blends a suite of famous tunes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess into a swirling symphonic medley.

Tickets are free and can be accessed on this link, so please come along and witness this spectacular concert.

Andy Prideaux
Acting Head of Performing Arts


Lawn Bowls

Year 6 student Seb Williams was a member of the Division 6 State Premiership championship Lawn Bowls team. Seb plays for the Lilydale Lawn Bowls Club and is the youngest player in the club, winning the title on his 12th brithday. Congratulations Seb and Lillydale Bowls Club!

Inter-House Cross Country

The recent Middle and Senior Inter-House Cross Country was held at Scotch Oakburn Park in ideal running conditions. This year the course finished on Bushby Oval which made for good viewing and an exciting atmosphere with a finish line at the House areas. The order of events was ran from 8:50 am with our senior boys and girls racing first and second respectively.  All age groups then raced in descending order. This gave our senior students an opportunity to encourage the younger students after their event was completed and to assist with the running of the event.

We had some standout performances (listed below) but even more importantly, it was great to see many students grasp the opportunity, giving their all out on course.

It was also great to have parents coming along to support the students as well as seeing staff having a run out on the course.

Age groupAge ChampionRunner Up
Year 6 BoysTom DobsonFinlay Lovell
Year 6 GirlsAlice HydeGwyneth
U13 GirlsSarah HorsmanAudrey Green
U13 BoysJakai WescombeArchie Martin
U14 GirlsOlive KwanOlive Saxton
U14 BoysFlynn McLoughlinTaylor Heazelwood
U15 GirlsZahli WescombeChloe Horsman
U15 BoysBen BerleseLachie Mayes
U16 GirlsChaeli BarronMercedes James
U16 BoysTariku BrammallHugh Talbot
Open GirlsSophie MarshallDaisy Sungur
Open BoysCam ParkerJobie Wescombe

A list of placings can be found on cross-country page of The Dash as well as the times for the top 10 competitors for each age group.

Thanks to all the staff for helping throughout the event, our House Heads for their support as well as all the students that gave their all out on the course on a great morning of activities.

Any student that finished in the top 10 will be invited to attend the Secondary All Schools Cross Country Carnival on Thursday 13 June. Any students outside of the top 10 but would like to race at Symmons Plains are asked to come and register with me.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport



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20 September @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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23 November @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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